Domain registration in Kenya has an unwritten rule, especially regarding domain names. You have to choose between .com, .net, .org and Most people do not know the meaning or reason for using the above top-level domain (TLD)/domain name extensions. We will explain what they mean and the advantages of each TLD.




It is the most common used TLD, accounting for over 51% of the total domains used globally. The TLD stands for “commercial” intent. Essentially, any website with a .com is tied to a business or engagement that connotes commercial interest. A good example is Safaricom PLC.


What Makes it Stand Out


  • .com is the easiest and the most memorable domain extension. It is the first domain extension people add after your business name.
  • It is credible since it represents a commercial interest. Your clients learn to trust your brand.
  • Comparing its reliability, ease of use and customer appeal, a .com domain extension offers value for money. The TLD can be used globally without limitations.


However, it isn’t easy to get a domain name with .com. Its universality makes it the first domain name extension people look for before considering other TLDs.




Websites that use .net as a domain extension are mostly network services, technology companies or database service providers. The intent is to form a convergence using cloud or physical infrastructure that connects people, businesses or organisations. A classic example is Theme Forest.


What Makes it Stand Out


  • It is technological-oriented, narrowing down to businesses that handle technology and general networking.
  • You can easily find a domain name with a .net TLD. Not many companies venture into the technology field.
  • Marketing a .net domain is easier as people already know your type of business.


However, its specification makes .net a premium TLD, which increases its cost.




What .com is to business is what .org is to non-profit making organisations. They are either faith-based, humanitarian or social-driven establishments whose main aim is to improve the living standards of people. They mostly derive their working capital from donors, well-wishers or international bodies to help solve a societal or humanitarian issue. World Vision is a good example organisation with a .org TLD.


Like .net, the TLD is limited in scope as it handles specific clientele and shares its strengths and weaknesses.


It is a country code TLD (ccTLD) which localises the website usage to Kenya. Visitors know that your business and headquarters are in Kenya, and your primary customers are Kenyans. As .com serves the world, serves Kenyans. In essence, it is a commercial entity located in Kenya. The same applies to other countries, for example (Uganda), (Tanzania) and (Nigeria)


What Makes it Stand Out


  • Customers and visitors know that the business is made, operated and managed by Kenyans.
  • Helps Google in online traffic coordination, especially SEO and SEM
  • It is easy to get a domain with
  • They are relatively cheaper compared to other domain name extensions.


However, it limits your scope to Kenya and might prove detrimental if you have expansion ambitions.

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