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10 Things to do to Boost your Online Presence in Kenya

Kenyans are yet to fully embrace online businesses, thanks to various untrustworthy vendors. However, to attract customers, there are several things you can do to authenticate your online business.   Optimise your content   Online buyers in Kenya need confirmation of a physical business. All your operations might be online, but you must have an office or outlet. Include phone numbers, google location and an email address to legitimise your business.   Ensure your website is mobile enabled   Mobile is the way to go. Over two-thirds of people visiting your online shop use mobile phones. Enable your mobile feature to make it easy for your customers to visit, sample, sort and buy from you. If possible, include mobile features like WhatsApp for easy communication.   Sign up for online listings and directories    Search engines like google have business listings that help authenticate businesses. They rely on google maps and verification processes to prove existence. They provide buyers with opportunities to review their experiences, which they use to authenticate businesses.    Capitalise on social media marketing   With social media acting as a convergence zone for different people, it offers a good marketing platform for online businesses. You can boost, promote and advertise your business, and the effects are instant. Alternatively, you can grow your network over time and use it to market your products.    Invest in search engine marketing   Google, Yahoo and Bing are among the most popular search engines. You can invest in quality content, backlink generation, domain authority and other digital marketing processes to increase your credibility. With the right keywords, these search engines will bring your online shop up the ladder onto the first page.   Have footprints in the community    As much as you sell to people, ensure you have a presence in society. Profits realised can be used on CSR projects that directly impact society. Word of mouth is powerful and can win you more customers.   Ask for reviews from your customers   Whenever a buyer gets the product or service, ask them to review your business. Reviews act as referrals and proof that the goods sold or services rendered are genuine. Positive feedback improves business ranking on search engines, making more people see it online.    Monitor online impressions and capitalise on what is working   The statistics at the backend are a clear reflection of business performance. It guides you on what to do, which might improve the business conversion over time.     Register on local business organisations   If there are other businesses offering the same or complimentary service, join the association. It not only improves credibility but also gives your business validity. Serious buyers value due diligence, especially when they want to buy products in bulk or associate with your brand.   Branding should be up-to date   Your colour theme, logo and online presence must be consistent. Customers invest in something they can relate to over time, which improves consistency and return customers. If possible, your products or service should come with either a brochure, receipt or any branding material.

The Data Act of 2019 and Its Effect on Web Hosting in Kenya

Internet penetration in Kenya is at its highest, thanks to affordable broadband, both cabled and bundled. Companies are purchasing web hosting in Kenya and setting up virtual shops and online portals to manage customer experience. They ask for personal information like emails and phone numbers which they then use to do digital and email marketing.   With no law to moderate the intake and use of personal information by businesses and third parties, they began abusing it by selling it to anyone who needed it. It prompted the government to develop the Data Protection Act to compel businesses from misusing personal information. It came into effect on November 25th, 2019.   Besides private businesses, the government also began digitising some of its functions, including business registration, application of birth certificates, election management, child education management and the Huduma Namba. All these needed a legal framework to prevent government officers from misusing the data to their advantage.   Provisions in this Act   On a personal scope, this law applies to anyone handling or processing data in Kenya. It applies to locals and foreigners, as long as they do so in Kenya. They include but are not limited to telecommunication service providers, Content developers, and gateway service providers.   In particular, it applies during: Data Collection – modalities of collection data from Kenyans, stating the reasons and its use. The data collection platform should have the required information, especially its use. Data Security – How the data collected will be stored, away from internal and external infiltration. The data collector should institute security protocols to that effect. Data Retention – How to use the data subsequently, and the guidance of doing so. It should be in its raw form, without any additional algorithms. Data Disclosure – acknowledging data you have, especially to the regulator and abiding with the laws and regulations of the Act. Data Accuracy – capturing the data in its raw form and matching it with available information as per the records of the data commissioner. Data Deletion – modalities of disposing of odd data, whether by will or through an act by a court. Data Updating – the guidance one should follow in asking for upgraded information from Kenyans, stating its use and scope.   In all this, the person should consent that the organisation or data holder use their data. If not, the data holder is liable, subject to punitive measures by a court of law.   What This Means to Those Who Have Websites   If you have an online business that requires a customer to sign in and create an account, this law is for you. It guides you when using the data for subsequent marketing and your liabilities in case of breaching.   The most punitive one is when you sell the data to third parties. Anyone can take you to court for data privacy infringement, which can land you in jail, fined, or both.   Moreso, if a customer requests you to stop sending them promotional materials and you don’t, they can sue you for privacy infringement.

Reasons Why Online Businesses in Kenya is the Way to Go

Starting an online business is a necessity for anyone who wants to go the long hall. Getting a good web hosting company in Kenya should be top of your list as it determines your data security and loading speed. Depending on the type of business, there are several templates that help you set up, market and sell online.   Increased Internet Penetration   As of July 2022, the 4G/5G network covered over 95% of Kenya. Whether you are on the Tanzania border in South-West Kenya or Moyale on the Ethiopian border, you are connected to fast internet, which enables you to shop, work or play online. Leveraging on this infrastructure, online businesses are set to boom.   All the sellers need to do is sell their wares and join the production process to the existing logistics infrastructure. You can buy baby clothes in Nairobi at 4 pm, and they will reach Moyale the following day at noon. If it is in an online service, it happens in real-time.   Low Starting Capital   Online business taxation is still unclear, making such businesses affordable and easy to manage. All you need as an online seller is a domain name, a web host and a developer. Web hosting and domain registration in Kenya is annual, while web development is one-off. After set-up, you can sell to people anywhere in the world. You can also leverage social media and search engine marketing to increase your scope and breadth.   Flexible Working Time   As opposed to a physical location where you have to open and close at a specific time, an online business is up 24 hours a day. Customers can log in and do their shopping without necessarily being there. Your work is processing their orders, packing and shipping them to the customer. The money is also sent online, which makes the whole experience effortless and convenient.   Working from Anywhere   An online shop does not limit you to a single location. As long as you have your computer, you can manage every activity online and give guidance on what to do. You can monitor all activities in real-time if you have broadband connectivity and a computer or a phone.   You can work from home, in the warehouse, on holiday or in transit. It also works for ladies who can take care of their homes and still run their businesses. If you don’t want an office, you can also log in to a shared workspace and do your work. It is cheaper, convenient and offers more services than renting a physical office.   Unlimited Marketplace   Online selling doesn’t have boundaries. Any customer in the world can see your products and buy them. The business has unlimited exposure, which gives your business the biggest marketplace compared to a physical location. Depending on the product sold or service rendered, you get economies of scale since the infrastructure or raw materials needed cost minimal. In return, you can offer competitive prices, which makes your business progressive and attractive to budget customers.  

Functions of the Various Domain Extensions in Kenya

Different domain extensions have different uses and denote the type of organisation or establishment they belong to. It helps differentiate organisations for easy classification and identification, avoiding basic questions. For example, a domain extension for a business is different from a hospital, school, NGO, or government entity. That is why there is a regulation for purchasing domain extensions in Kenya.   Businesses (.com and   They are the most common organisations with a website. However, based on their classification, they have different domain extensions. A normal business involving buying and selling goods and services will have either a .com or a A .com means commercial and is not tied to any specific country. However, the origin of the name is America, where these domain extensions came from. Any business anywhere in the world can use .com for their domain. A means a commercial business in Kenya. It is geo-mapped to Kenya and shows that the business owner or business registration was done in Kenya. For foreign-owned businesses to have a means that they either have an office in Kenya or want to sell exclusively to Kenyans. The domain extension help in search engine marketing and optimisation as it clarifies the area covered.   Schools (   Schools are special businesses with a clear mandate and execution. Although most school owners still use .com or, the right domain extension is It means that it is an academic institution based in Kenya. Universities and other higher learning institutions in Kenya have adopted this domain extension. However, the .ke extension does not mean visitors cannot see these websites outside the country.   Faith-Based or Non-Governmental Organisations (.org or   These establishments are majorly non-profit and are meant to advance a humanitarian or social welfare goal. Foreign organisations working in Kenya choose .org as their domain extension and maybe create a page for Kenya. However, those registered or domesticated in Kenya use as their extension. A good example is World Vision International (wvi/org), Mercy Corps ( and Kenya Heart National Foundation (   Government Departments and Agencies   These are government-owned or allied establishments made by an act of parliament. The means government. However, once they are privatised, they change from to .com or No one can register any domain in Kenya with without a written or sworn affidavit from the accounting officer in the respective department from which the company is aligned. The government monitors all this through the Communications Authority of Kenya.   Other Domain Extensions or .me These extensions are for network devices aligned to a network companies. They use it as a reference point to a registered network for tracking and convergent purposes. or .mobi They refer to content or activity meant for mobiles. It happens when an organisation wants to customise their content based on the type of devices. or .info These domain extensions are reserved for organisations that specialise in communication.  

A Beginner’s Guide to Web Hosting in Kenya

Web hosting in Kenya is doable, although it needs guidance for first-timers. It helps you manage your online activities through the website. If this is your first time owning a website, this article will help you get the most important things together. Below are some of the elements you need to know about web hosting.   Definition and Application of Web Hosting   It is a service rendered by an IT firm involving storing files on virtual servers for websites. In essence, it is a storage facility for website files and documents online. All website pages are different from normal files since anyone can view them from different places worldwide. That makes it impossible to store them on computer storage since it is offline.   Web hosting uses online servers to store these virtual files and produces them upon request. Since they are a good number, it is the work of the server to create, name, store and produce them when required. When a company offers web hosting services in Kenya, it means that they sell online storage where to store web pages. Web hosting space comes in megabytes, just the same as hard disc space in a computer.   Why Web Hosting Is Important   Every process is moving online, making websites and online platforms an integral part of the future. The future is online, from businesses to academic institutions, networks and health facilities. Web hosting is the first thing to do since it gives your online activities storage.   Once anyone connects to the internet, they can easily see your profile or webpage, making it one of the most progressive forms of marketing today. What makes it better is that one can visit your business in the comfort of their home. Web hosting companies in Kenya have strong servers that can process and offer virtual services to any business or organisation from any corner of the world.   Since personal servers or a computer cannot give you the speed, storage and multiple connections simultaneously, web hosting companies in Kenya step in to help. Plus, they have affordable packages that go as low as KES. 167 per month. Moreover, most web hosting companies in Kenya also offer domain registration services. In essence, you have a one-stop shop for all your online branding needs.    Packages for Web Hosting Services   Depending on the scope and need, different clients require specific storage for their websites. A person with at most 3 websites cannot pay for the same as one with 10 websites. Web hosting companies divide their packages based on the storage size and the number of websites.   For example, offers 4 packages; bronze, silver, gold and custom. Bronze hosts at most 3 websites with a 3GB NVMe SSD processor, while silver gives 10 websites with a 5GB NVMe SSD processor. Gold gives the customer unlimited websites with a 10GB NVMe SSD. For those who need special storage, the Custom package serves them. will give them a special quote based on the storage space and processor speed they need.

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