Digital Marketing Practices and How They Promote Environmental Sustainability

Digital Marketing Practices and How They Promote Environmental Sustainability Digital marketing is an important tool in contemporary advertising. Its reach, approach and sustainability push it ahead of traditional marketing, making it a go-to marketing approach for contemporary businesspeople. Most importantly, it has the least effect on environmental sustainability, which saves the earth from pollution. We will look at 6 benefits of using digital marketing to enforce environmental sustainability and why it is the ideal strategy to reduce the effects of global warming.   How Digital Marketing is Promoting Environmental Sustainability  Reducing Waste Sustainable Logistics Real-Time Analytics Virtual Events Facilitating Virtual Communication Incorporating Sustainable Practices   Reducing Waste Classical marketing practices involve a lot of physical activities to create promotional materials. Flyers, billboards and brochures were the main advertising methods. All these approaches involved using paper, which, if not properly handled, could cause a lot of environmental pollution. The process surrounding the creation of these marketing materials involves combustion, which severely contributes to environmental pollution.   With digital marketing, there are no physical creations. Everything is virtual and leverages the internet to create marketing campaigns. The approach has stopped a whole production process that involved cutting down trees, preparing them for processing and putting them up. Thanks to digital marketing, we have the same product visibility, if not more, but less population.   Sustainable Logistics  Any marketing campaign has a route-to-market strategy that involves movement. Whether physical or virtual, the product aims to reach the intended destination for visibility purposes. In classical marketing, there is a lot of on-ground movement to take the marketing material to the intended destination. The whole process involves combustion, energy usage and other environmental pollution activities.   Digital marketing also moves its marketing materials, only that it uses the internet. There is an online feature called geo-mapping, which helps digital marketers to ring-fence a marketing campaign to a specific region. Essentially, it is moving marketing materials to a specific location virtually. It serves the same purpose as physical billboards but doesn’t involve physical logistics.   Real-Time Analytics Digital marketing can track real-time responses and impressions and transmit them to marketing managers for decision-making. It measures the effectiveness of marketing campaigns since data collected from digital campaigns shows consumption behaviours. They can also store the data and use it alongside other campaigns to note the growth patterns in marketing.   With classical marketing, feedback management involves interviews with people in specific locations. It involves putting boots on the ground, a process that took time to collect and analyse data. Digital analytics is not only fast but also effective when handling mass markets. There are several tools digital marketers can use, but Google products are always the best. Such an approach does not involve movements or any drastic activity that will destabilise environmental sustainability.   Virtual Events Live concerts are the in-thing now, reaching various people worldwide virtually. With social media, you can beam an event live and reach too many people compared to a physical audience. COVID-19 showed that people could meet, discuss and even agree on important issues in the comfort of their homes.   It was the advent of webinars, zoom meetings, Google Meet and online workshops, thanks to the digital revolution. Such virtual events do not cause environmental disturbance or pollution. There is less travel and minimal cost, but it gives the same outcome.   Facilitating Virtual Communication  Thanks to digital marketing, customer service and corporate communications are now more effective. A company post on Twitter and Facebook is enough to get out a communique. Its reach is far, wide and effective, cutting advertising costs and other visibility campaigns.   It also acts as a fact-finding mission where they gather information directly from their consumers on how to improve their product or service. The approach is environmentally conscious with fewer carbon footprints. Brands and their customers can bond, engage and even remit feedback with less environmental disturbance.   Incorporating Sustainable Practices  The idea of sustainable digital marketing is incorporating environmentally conscious approaches in handling marketing. It can also involve direct participation in environmental campaigns to restore our green nature. Planting trees, contributing to environmental awareness and applying sustainable measures are some of the practices digital marketing companies undertake.   All these start when a company uses green web hosting services. Settle on a company that applies green web hosting services in Kenya and benefit from its experiences. You will be an ambassador of environmental sustainability and contribute to the larger conservation protocols.

5 Sustainable Practices for Digital Marketing Agencies to Reduce Their Environmental Impact

5 Sustainable Practices for Digital Marketing Agencies to Reduce Their Environmental Impact The world is increasingly adopting sustainable practices, and digital marketing agencies are pivotal in growing the trend. Their business model revolves around the Internet, which is the central theme in marketing operations. It is not a common topic that needs a technical approach to note little effort that goes a long way in saving the environment. We will look at every day’s activities in a digital marketing agency that can help it enforce sustainability.   Sustainable Practices that Help Digital Marketing Agencies Improve Environmental Conservation Do away with papers Take part in environmental conservation Use recyclable materials Use eco-friendly materials Reduce power usage   Do Away With Papers The process of manufacturing papers is one of the biggest environmental polluters. The process requires a lot of energy, from cutting down trees to treating and packaging. The whole process starts with pollution since cutting down trees distorts the food chain in the ecosystem. To curb this process, digital marketing agencies can decide to go paperless to limit their contribution to pollution.   Luckily, their operation model allows them to work online. Every process and step has a thread that can easily work if it is electronically sent. They can run campaigns and produce audio-visual materials and new dissemination without a single paper. If the digital marketing agency goes fully paperless, it will contribute directly and indirectly to environmental conservation.   Take Part in Environmental Conservation The agency can set aside resources and time for environmental conservation as part of corporate social responsibility. A good place to start is purchasing tree seedlings and any other necessities needed to plant trees. Participating in the whole exercise, planting trees, and ensuring they grow to maturity is a good clarion call. The bottom line is doing something constructive to aid in environmental conservation.   Another important contribution is using their expertise to discuss conservation on their platforms. Since their forte is disseminating information virtually, they can use it to reach as many people as possible. If its followers see their effort in curbing environmental pollution, it is a wake-up call for everyone to take part in saving our organic world.   Use Recyclable Materials Since we cannot do away with all environmental pollutants, we can decide to embrace recycling old materials, especially plastics. Part of the huge environmental pollution menace is manufacturing non-biodegradable materials and using them once. Disposal is also an issue; this garbage ends up in our farms, waterways, homes and even large waterbodies.   Therefore, the whole digital marketing system can decide to adopt recyclable materials. If you buy a non-biodegradable material, re-use. For materials that can only be used once, consider reducing their usage. Most importantly, if you use it, ensure you dispose of it properly. With this model, you can reduce the pollutants from causing havoc and finding their way into unwanted circumstances.   Use Eco-Friendly Materials  A lot goes on in an office, both in operations and technology. Most of these activities directly influence the well-being of the company. Operation management demands the company finds a better and more efficient way of running the business. Environmental conservation in a digital marketing agency requires managers to employ non-emitting practices in managing the business.   A good example is the web hosting service. Partner with or outsource an eco-friendly website hosting company in Kenya. The target is to contribute to conservation indirectly. Another area of consideration in using eco-friendly materials is office suppliers. Avoid printing machines, lower or remove fuel usage for your errands and ensure every activity doesn’t emit gasses into the atmosphere. Consider using digital materials and even a recyclable notebook.   Reduce Power Usage Although it is the nerve of every digital marketing agency, power usage significantly contributes to environmental pollution. There is pollution once the cable is plugged in, even if the switch is off. Worse still, the pollution level doubles or even triples if the power is from a fuel generator. It is a necessary activity that we cannot outlook, especially for digital marketing services in Kenya.   However, whenever power is not being used, especially at night or at weekends, unplug them from the sockets. It breaks down the circuit, effectively limiting the pollution caused by the power. If possible, shift to an energy-efficient power supply or even solar-powered energy. They are energy efficient and use natural means to harness the energy that powers the digital marketing agency. The transition to fully sustainable energy takes time and resources, but the end game is a safe, clean and sustainable environment.

Beyond Recycling: Innovative Ways Online Companies are Reducing their Digital Carbon Footprint

Beyond Recycling: Innovative Ways Online Companies are Reducing their Digital Carbon Footprint The world is bold on environmental conservation, urging web hosting companies to reduce their carbon footprints. Organised institutions are some of the biggest environmental polluters and have since taken an active role in conservation. Web hosting service providers have also joined the course and taken significant steps to reduce their carbon footprints. The target is zero net emissions by 2050.   There are several ways web hosting companies can participate in this process. From as simple as planting trees to donating to environmental charities, these efforts go a long way in addressing conservation. However, there are innovative ways to address conservation based on their area of expertise; digital carbon footprints.   Digital carbon footprints are activities done through online activities that contribute to the production of carbon into the environment. A simple email, visiting a website or posting a picture or video on your social media releases carbon into the atmosphere. We will discuss what they are, how they leave carbon footprints in the atmosphere and how to reduce it.   How to Reduce Your Digital Carbon Footprints Optimise your website Clean out any unused data from your cloud storage Reduce online streaming and video calling Reduce the number of emails sent and delete old ones.   Optimise Your Website Optimisation brings efficiency and order, either consuming less energy or completing work faster. Conversions occur more quickly, improving general website performance and faster page loads. In the long run, less energy is used to run the web hosting activity, which reduces the digital carbon footprint. Several tips optimise website performance, among them: Image and video compressions – smaller images and videos (in size) will reduce the time the page loads. Experts believe that a picture should not be bigger than 200kb. There are many free tools that can compress images and maintain quality, a good example being IMGonline or Squoosh. Consider a green web hosting service provider – electricity from renewable energy is the most preferred for web hosting service providers. Besides significantly reducing the digital carbon footprint, it earns the company the badge of an environmental sustainability champion. Delayed audio-visual loading – images and videos can load only after scrolling to that section. It saves the system the energy needed to load the page in its entirety, even when the reader might not get to that section. Delete unused content – if your website has a page that has no visits, consider deleting it. The hosting system requires energy to keep it up, whereas there is no conversion. Deleting it reduces the carbon emission used to keep that page on.   Clean Out Any Unused Data from Your Cloud Storage If you have photos or files you are not using, consider clearing them from the cloud storage. Keeping it requires a lot of energy to power the cloud hosting system. By deleting it, you are creating space within the system and reducing the amount of digital carbon footprints. If your company regularly refer to stored data, consider using a green web hosting service provider.   Reduce Online Streaming and Video Calling Internet traffic has grown considerably in the last 3 years, thanks to COVID-19. People rely on the internet to get information and keep up with the latest trend. Servers worked overtime to keep up with the pressure, increasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere. We will significantly reduce our digital carbon footprints by reducing the time we spend online, especially on streaming platforms and video calling.   Reduce the Number of Emails Sent and Delete Old Ones Only send emails where necessary, as storage and maintenance require a lot of energy. It gets worse with email marketing as companies spam inboxes with promotional messages. Send messages and emails when needed, and only if it has a direct conversion.   Also, consider deleting old emails as they are useless in the current dispensation. Storing them requires energy, yet they do not offer any value within the existing framework.

The Advantages of Green Web Hosting in Kenya

The Advantages of Green Web Hosting in Kenya Green web hosting is a sustainable web hosting service that is environmentally friendly through activities that minimise carbon footprints. The process uses renewable energy to power web hosting services, which doesn’t emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. It is part of the conservation goal being championed by UNEP as a score to manage the adverse effects of climate change.   Green Web Hosting Certification Carbon Offsets Certificate – most web host servers still use installation powered by carbon emitters. The host countries set the limits for carbon emission, and if the company beats the mark, they get the Carbon Offsets Certificate for compliance. Renewable Energy Certificates – it is the amount of electricity produced and returned to the grid. The certificate proves that 1 megawatt is produced per hour from a renewable source of energy and channelled back to the grid. It confirms that a renewable energy provider replaces the energy used to power a web hosting service.   Advantages of Green Web Hosting Reducing the carbon footprint Grows the demand for renewable energy Cost Effectiveness Appeals to the Sustainability Enthusiasts Attract Funding from Conservation Champions Optimal Use of Resources     Reducing Carbon Footprint Switching to green web hosting reduces the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere. Classic web hosting process involves combustions that keep the server up, a process that emits carbon into the atmosphere. Green web hosting uses renewable energy sources with little or no emissions, which is ideal in the current world. With such a resume, it makes your business attractive and improves your brand image.   The world is currently grappling with the effects of climate change and global warming. Any additional carbon into the atmosphere will significantly affect livelihoods. Internet usage is on a sharp rise, meaning we will end up with an unpleasant environment if it is not handled. Green web hosting is the way to go and the future of environmental conservation and sustainability.   Grows the Demand for Renewable Energy Demand for a product or service increases the propensity to produce. The world is out for renewable energy sources, with web hosting leading the pack. As more people and businesses join in, there is a need to create more renewable energy to meet the ever-rising demand. It is a plus since more and more people are embracing renewable energy as an alternative to non-renewable.   Wind and sunshine are the commonly used sources, especially within the tropics. They are readily available, predictable and guaranteed. It is a welcome discussion in Kenya, with more web hosting services adopting this technology to measure up to the world’s directives. Being part of a revolution makes the sector a pioneer in advancing sustainability in the long run.   Cost Effectiveness  The more raw materials and human resources used to run a server, the more expensive it becomes. However, with renewable energy, you set up, and nature helps run the plant. All you need is regular maintenance and servicing, and you are good to go. Wind and sun are naturally found; therefore, the energy produced doesn’t require daily operational costs. If done on a large scale, you enjoy economies of scale, further enhancing cost-effectiveness.   Appeals to the Sustainability Enthusiasts The world’s rallying call is on environmental sustainability. For the last half a century, man’s activities have greatly changed the ecological balance. UNEP and other environmental-leaning organisations are sensitising the public to embrace sustainability to create a better future. We are not only creating a good environment for the future generation but also roping in everyone.   Attract Funding from Conservation Champions  Most organisations provide resources – capital and workforce – to encourage innovation in this field. If done on a large scale, starting with services that require more energy to maintain, we are heading to a more sustainable future. It has led to a sharp rise in organisations that teach and promote eco-friendly practices. Organisations such as NatGeo and WWF are some of the many organisations that fund environmental conservation activities.   Optimal Use of Resources  Another important fact about green hosting is the prudent use of resources. The energy produced to run these servers can be calculated, which brings forth the cost per acquisition calculations. Moreover, most raw materials are naturally found when creating energy to power these hosting plants. Since there are no waste emissions, no additional resources are used to purify the environment. Ideally, the renewable energy used to power green web hosting services utilises every resource allocated to the core.

World Environment Day 2023 Celebrations

World Environment Day 2023 Celebrations World Environment Day 2023 is a global celebration of environmental conservation and protection. It is held annually on 5th June, and this year’s theme was #BeatPlasticPolution. The hosts for the 2023 fete were Cote d”Ivoire and the Netherlands, although every country held their celebration. UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme) leads the day with thematic words and tree-planting sessions. With climate change and global warming beckoning, we have our work cut out in environment management.   Global Plastic Menace Plastic materials are scattered in every corner of the world, with over 400 million tonnes of plastic produced yearly. Almost half of these plastic materials can only be used once, leading to a disposal nightmare. A little over 10% of the plastics designed to be used once are recycled, with the remaining finding their way to the lake, rivers and other water bodies. Up to 23 million tonnes of plastic waste choke our environment, causing blockages and carbon emissions when burned. Such activities devastate our planet, hence the need to rally the world on environmental conservation.’s Commitment to Environmental Conservation and Sustainability is a web-hosting company in Kenya committed to sustainability projects and environmental awareness. Our founder is a trained environmental scientist who uses sustainability approaches to manage information technology exploits. advocates for using sustainable materials in creating web hosting services, a fete that steers our service provision. We strive to be the best web hosting company in Kenya, committed to environmental conservation and sustainability. Our sustainability programs give prominence to the following issues: Environmental Education People abuse the environment due to lack of knowledge. There are lots of research materials on environmental conservation which need simplification. Experts within the profession need to decode them for easy implementation. Garbage collection and tree planting might seem simple, but they carry much weight in environmental management.   Our focus is to simplify this knowledge, create actionable plans and share the importance of such actions. We do this by holding exhibitions and informative sessions with students in schools, environmental enthusiasts and organisations interested in environmental conservation. We hope that the knowledge we impact on our students will shape ecological conservation. Afforestation  Tree planting is our biggest effort to help conserve the environment. It is an all-around activity that helps purify the environment, contribute to climate patterns and enhance the growth of organic matter. The forest cover in Kenya has been reducing consistently over the last 2 decades, which requires agent attention. Our afforestation drive aims to increase tree coverage everywhere in Kenya, as per the directive issued by President William Ruto. For every activity we do, the highlight of the session is tree planting. We use it as a yardstick to gauge our dedication to afforestation, a clarion call takes seriously.   The World Environmental Day 2023 joined the Environmental Club at Ofafa Jericho High School in commemorating this year’s celebrations. The event happened at the school compound and witnessed the following activities. 1. Tree planting – all the participants in the school planted a tree to commemorate the day. Our Founder, Wilfred Musembi, graced the occasion, sharing the importance of tree planting with the staff and students in attendance. The club patron also weighed in, demonstrating the importance of tree planting and general afforestation.   2. Garbage Collection – plastics form a significant part of total garbage in any environment. The students, teachers and guests participated in garbage collection around the school. It not only made the environment clean but also demonstrated the need for a clean environment. After the exercise, garbage was sorted for disposal, which fit this year’s World Environment Day theme.   3. Environmental Education – besides the practical demonstrations, facilitated some environmental conservation shows. They were informative, engaging and collectively showed the importance of a clean environment. Technical audio-visual demonstrations showed the cumulative effects of pollution, especially on non-biodegradable products. It served as a deterrence of environmental pollution, especially on plastics.   Other Notable World Environmental Day 2023 Activities in Kenya The national celebrations were held in Nakuru National Park, organised by the National Environmental Management Authority. It extensively discussed the solutions to plastic pollution and how human interactions made it a menace. Hon Soipan Tuya, Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Forestry, graced the occasion, reiterating the government’s commitment to climate change and tree planting. The host governor, H.E. Susan Kihika, was also present. She outlined her contributions to environmental conservation and waste management.

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