The term best web hosting package brings several factors into consideration; space, speed and convenience. However, it depends on the website owner’s preference, considering the type and specifics of the platform. That notwithstanding, there are common factors one shouldn’t compromise when settling for a web hosting package, which we will discuss below.


What to Look Out For When Choosing the Best Web Hosting Package in Kenya

  1. Understand the hosting types available
  2. Online security features
  3. Your website’s needs
  4. Cost for the package
  5. Customer service
  6. Website uptime
  7. Website backups
  8. Customer reviews


Understand the Hosting Types Available 

The first thing one can do is understand the type of packages available. Choice is a factor of variety, and one can only choose if there are more than one element. These options differ in features, capacity and abilities based on your website. It also prompts us to create a checklist of what we need in web hosting, making settling on the right package easier.


Also, web hosting companies in Kenya create packages based on the market’s needs. The types and capacity of Kenyan websites influence the reasoning behind feature categorisation, a key component of hosting packages. Before settling on a web hosting package, survey as many packages as possible for a better overview of what you are getting.


Online Security Features

Cyber security is the most important factor when sourcing a web hosting package in Kenya. It prevents hacking or unauthorised website access, a feature that should come with web hosting services. Secure socket layer (SSL) is the most commonly used security protocol for most web hosting. Ensure your service provider has the latest version, which is regularly updated. Moreover, your website SSL is active to protect it from hackers.


With the current sporadic website attacks, your web hosting plan should have protection from a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, which is the main cause of email and website outages.


Your Website’s Needs

The plugins, usage and space your website needs greatly influence which web hosting package you will need. E-commerce websites are among the busiest, needing maximum security, enough hosting space and guaranteed uptime. Since it is the business’s front office, it needs the best features to keep the flow alive. Regular corporate websites only have the company’s basic information, which does not attract too many interactions at a time.


To achieve this, write down the features of your website and find out what infrastructure is needed to run it optimally. These preparations ensure you get the best package, with the best features, giving the best returns on investment.


Cost For the Package

Most web hosting packages are copy-pasted from others, which makes cost the next factor to consider. Since nearly all web hosting companies in Kenya are resellers, how they price their packages depends on their hosting parent company, margins, operation costs and taxation. The best prices are usually the ones with the most affordable wholesale price.


However, not all affordable packages are the best. The best-priced web hosting package should bring out the best value and marginal benefit for all the features. To calculate the value you get from a package, cost every feature and compare all other packages. It might be slightly higher in price, but it gives all one needs to manage your website effectively.


Customer Service 

The relationship and knowledge of web hosting features are important tie-breaker. It is convenient to run to customer service whenever there is an issue, and they will solve it in time. Not all customers are tech-savvy and might need help installing and maintaining their web hosting account.


If possible, the web hosting company should have a live-chat portal, phone number and email contact. It covers all types of customers, making your customer relationship seamless.


Website Uptime

Web hosting uptime is also important as it guarantees the owner how stable it is if there is a customer surge on the platform. It is particularly important for e-commerce websites as people need consistency when purchasing goods and services. The security and processes involved must ensure that the transaction starts and finishes in one go. To be safe, do not go for a website with less than a 99% website uptime guarantee.


Website Backups 

A customer needs surety of data safety if anything goes wrong. With the new technology, web hosting has daily online and offline website backup for all clients’ data. Before purchasing the package, ensure the hosting has a backup guarantee and frequency. Otherwise, you can lose important data if there is an issue.

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