A website is a gateway into the world and should be well positioned to attract the right traffic. You can have the best website on the best web hosting company in Kenya, but if you do not use the right processes, you miss out on great opportunities. Businesses struggle to get traffic out of negligence or lack of information. This article shows you how to increase traffic to your website.


Use Keywords in Your Content


Any page, article or content posted on the website should have relevant keywords. They should be properly written and have a natural flow to avoid keyword stuffing. Furthermore, the main keyword should be in the meta title, meta description, page URL, page title and page header. It should also appear in the first paragraph, if possible the first sentence, and spread out at least 2 times in the main text.


Research keywords, especially on competitors’ websites, to understand their distribution. Tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush will guide you on using keywords and their distribution across your website pages.


Writing Evergreen Content


Articles are a great part of website development as they improve page ranking on search engines. Google is the information highway where people search for anything. If your website has the right content, you benefit from its listing. Useful and unique content sets your website apart from others, improving its ranking on Google and other search engines. Post consistently to keep the website active.


Guest Posts on High Traffic Websites


Guest posts are a great source of backlinks for your website. Backlinks are your page’s URL on other equally high-traffic websites used as referrals. They not only increase your search engine results page but also boost traffic to your page/website. However, research the following when setting up a guest post.

  • The guest post website should have high-quality content. If possible, it should be directly related to your focus industry.
  • Its domain authority should be good to help boost your page’s ranking.
  • Study their guest posting guidelines to minimise mistakes.
  • Talk to the guest post website and see if they can post it on their social media platforms and tag you.


Set Up Social Media Pages and Keep Them Active


Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have a massive following which you can redirect to your website. However, they should be active to maintain the traffic, which you can easily convert into an active following. The following are ways to keep your social media accounts active:


  • Post content related to your industry or focus. They can be videos, infographics, blog posts or whitepapers.
  • When posting, use hashtags. They help to follow up on specific but popular topics.
  • If possible, tag influencers and gain from their traffic.
  • Reply to other people’s content.
  • You can also promote your content.


Other ways you can improve website rankings include:


  • Advertise on search engines to increase website traffic.
  • If you have an email database, send newsletters.
  • You can also contact influencers to post your website on their pages/websites.

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