A website is an online extension of a business and needs to complement offline experiences. It should be stable, fast and responsive to bring it the attention needed. If this is not achieved, consider migrating your websites to another web host. Data migration is a process which needs precision and attention. The following are some of the ways you can move to a new host.


Migrating the Website to a New Host


Confirm from your new host if they do free migration. If they do not, ensure that migration is affordable. You can also opt to start over and design everything from the ground up. The following is the process of migrating to a new web hosting service provider.


Step 1: Create an account with your new web host


If you already have another web hosting service provider, create a new account at least 30 days before your subscription elapses. It gives you time to migrate and correct any anomalies that may crop up.


The actual movement should start at least 7 days before the deadline, especially if your website has lots of files. Whereas you have time to cross files over, it also allows your website to settle in fully before releasing the former web host.


Step 2: Prepare a backup for all your files before you start the migration


Just in case anything crops up and destroys the migration process, you need a backup of all your data offline. Most web hosting providers in Kenya offer a daily backup, but you need a local backup in case anything happens to the server.


Step 3: Get every detail your website has online


Starting from the DNS and any other online identifier, have them, and other sensitize details before you start the process. They help in domain identification and validation when uploading the data onto the new web host. 


Step 4: Migrate your data to the new web host


You can settle for the cPanel to cPanel migration or manual migration, depending on the data involved or ease of migration. Other web hosts carry out the process for free. All you have to do is give them your login details, and they will do the migration for you.


Step 5: Verify the website functionality and update the DNS records


Once the initial part of the migration is done, try accessing the website to see if it works. Also, update your DNS on the new server and wait for 48 hours for full propagation. All this time, all information will still go to the old hosting until full propagation happens.


Step 6: Cancel your hosting agreement with your old host


Before signing out from the old web host, ensure every migration process is complete. Ensure it is fully running and the new host server is fully functional. Only then will you cancel the old web hosting agreement.


cPanel to cPanel migration is the common web migration. Create the old cPanel backup, download it and upload it on your new cPanel at the new web host.

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