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Everything you need to know about .KE domains

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Ksh 950/=
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Ksh 950/=
1 Year
Ksh 950/=
1 Year
Ksh 3,480/=
1 Year
Ksh 3,480/=
1 Year
Ksh 3,480/=
1 Year
Ksh 950/=
1 Year
Ksh 950/=
1 Year
Ksh 950/=
1 Year
Ksh 950/=
1 Year
Ksh 950/=
1 Year
Ksh 950/=
1 Year
Ksh 950/=
1 Year
Ksh 950/=
1 Year
Ksh 950/=
1 Year
Ksh 950/=
1 Year
Ksh 950/=
1 Year
Ksh 950/=
1 Year
Ksh 950/=
1 Year
Ksh 950/=
1 Year
Ksh 950/=
1 Year
Ksh 950/=
1 Year
Ksh 950/=
1 Year
Ksh 950/=
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.KE Domain FAQs

.KE domains are special website names primarily issued with permission from KeNIC, a wholly government-owned company that deals with the registration and management of domains in Kenya. In technical terms, it is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) service managed by KeNIC to guide the management of Kenyan-based websites. There is a lot that goes into registration and management of .KE domains in Kenya, which is the subject of this article. We will also break down the different .KE domains, their usage, and their lifespan.


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.KE Domain FAQs

A domain name is a special online identity of an internet website. A .KE domain name is a customised online identity for websites registered in Kenya from a licensed organisation like

A complete .KE domain is You can still use the domain name for other purposes related to the website. The most common usage is email. If your website URL is, your emails will be [email protected][email protected] etc. 

It localises your business to Kenya. A domain helps brand your business for the Kenyan audience or customer. More importantly, it deters any other person from using the domain name in Kenya, which can eat into your customer base. 

For businesses with a .com domain name, consider purchasing a domain name to avoid identity theft. It also helps prevent anyone from buying and selling it to you at an exorbitant price. 

Once you sign-up to, the process takes less than 20 minutes upon registration and confirmation. In less than 24 hours, the domain can go live. 

No. Credit cards are not payment options at You only need M-PESA, which is the most popular payment platform in Kenya. 

  • Exclusivity – a domain name gives your brand or business identity. You can create a website using the domain name and customise your emails. If not, you are at the mercy of your service provider like Google. A domain name allows you to manage what goes in or out of your platform. 
  • Grows your brand and identity – when publicising your company or identity, a domain name centralises your uniqueness. Emails are a big part of your company branding, and anyone using them feels the centralisation of your services. For example, a domain like feels unique compared to With emails, it becomes more promising; [email protected], compared to mycompany@ 
  • Credibility – the first impression matters in business, and whatever you bring forth to the market should be under your stable. Your domain name is your brand; no one can steal it from you. A customised online presence localises your online activity, creating a sense of belonging and credibility in the market. Most importantly, having a free email like [email protected]creates doubt about your legitimacy. Anyone can create such an email, reducing your credibility significantly. Buy a customised domain name and enjoy market trust.
  • Mobility – you can set up a website without owning a domain. However, you use your hosts' domain name, for example, You cannot move or do anything on that website since it is not under your control. If you own the domain, you can move it to a better web host, move your emails and edit anything on the website. The movement will not lose anything on the website, giving you the independence to work on your online platform. 

Domain names are country-specific; for example

  • - Kenya
  • – United Kingdom
  • – Uganda
  • – Japan
  • – Nigeria


Other Domain names point out the entity

  • – Commercial 
  • – Network
  • – non-profit.


 The above domain names are not country-specific. They point out the type of organisation that owns the domain name.


In Kenya, the following KE domain names are available for registration.

  • – suitable for Kenyan commercial companies
  • – suitable for Kenyan academic institutions
  • – suitable for personal use or a blog
  • – ideal for primary and secondary schools
  • – suitable for nonprofit making organisations in Kenya
  • – suitable for network entities in Kenya
  • – suitable for Government of Kenya entities

 Anyone, organisation, person or entity, can register a domain name.

You can register any and the resultant extensions. We will add more with time.

What is domain registration?

It is the formal inclusion of a unique domain name into the official register, complete with an IP address. The process documents any activity carried out on that domain and the resultant pages. Anyone or entity who registers a domain is a registrant, while the entity that registers is a registrar.


What is a domain name?

It is a unique alphanumeric combination which allows Internet users to single out your website; an address on the internet for a website. Domain names have a special naming system (DNS), a set of numbers, for example, 124.357.689.01. They are internet protocol (IP) numbers used to identify particular web pages (URLs) on the internet. For instance, is the URL for


Is it important to register a domain name?

Registering a unique domain name is important for online and brand identity. It gives you complete control of your emails, website and any other web service. 


How can I buy a domain forever?

You cannot buy a domain name forever. However, you can renew it every year. You will not lose any data or settings at the end of the year. The registrar has an auto-reminder to manage renewal invoices. 


Can I register a domain name privately?

Part of the domain registration process is using your details or company names to create an account. It is not possible to register a domain name privately. 

What are the types of domains?

We have the following type of domains

  1. Top-Level Domains ­– TLD
  2. Generic Top-Level Domains – gTLD
  3. Country code To-Level Domains – ccTLD 
  4. Internationalised country code top-level domains - IDN ccTLD 
  5. Second level
  6. Third level


What is the difference between a domain, URL and website?

The two names are interrelated; the domain name is the website's name, finding the website link is the URL, and a website is the user's interface when he types the URL. Essentially, the domain name is the precursor to the URL and website.


How can I register a domain name?

Follow the steps to register a domain:

  1. Search and sign up on (recommended registrar and web hosting service.)
  2. Search for your preferred domain name to see if it is still available
  3. Fill out the domain registration form
  4. Pay for the domain name through M-PESA.


What is a valid domain name?

A standard domain name should be between 3 to 63 letters. The limit is part of the TLD requirement based on the selected extension. You can use numbers, alphabets and hyphens, although the domain name cannot start and end with a hyphen. 


What is the Importance of a domain name?

They are part of a larger online build-up, including SEO, online marketing and general website building.


What should I consider when choosing the perfect domain name?

Here are the tips for choosing the perfect domain name:

  1. Easy to type.
  2. Short and precise
  3. Use your keywords.
  4. Target your area of expertise.
  5. If possible, avoid numbers and hyphens.
  6. Easy to memorise.
  7. Use the appropriate domain name extension.
  8. Protect and develop your brand around the domain name.


Why do entities or brands need a domain?

  1. Give the brand, entity or organisation a more professional look.
  2. Copyrights and trademark the domain for a business.
  3. Build trust and creditability.
  4. Search engine positioning and brand identity


Should I use a number in my domain name?

Avoid it as much as possible. Branding and spelling a domain name with a number is difficult. Customers can miss it, landing on a different website/ Stick to A-Z.


What are the benefits of choosing the right domain provide?

  1. Easy-to-remember – makes the website easy to find.
  2. Improved SEO Rankings.
  3. Easy to brand and has fewer errors.
  4. Easy to establish business identity. 


How does a domain name system work?

It is a system of organised alphanumeric, differentiating one domain from another. A domain name is like an entry in the internet's register. No one has one like yours. Once you miss yours, it goes to another website. Therefore, ensure yours is clear to avoid redirecting to another website.


Why is DNS Security and why is it important?

The DNS security links a domain name to an IP. However, cybercriminals can create a near-similar DNS and re-route the traffic to the fake DNS if the system weakens. Any person visiting the fake DNS risks losing their privacy, and it can also be used to install harmful software onto their gadgets. 


Do I have to pay for the domain?

 Yes. It helps facilitate domain management, especially in routing the domain name to the server. Furthermore, the money is used to pay for using the domain for a year. Without it, your domain name will not be active. 


What does DDD in Java mean?

It involves mapping domain concepts to design language software to influence elements like services, value objects and entities. DDD includes concepts like an anti-corruption layer, bounded context and ubiquitous software language. 

How do I Install a website?

  1. Register your domain name on
  2. Use any of our packages to host the website theme
  3. Come up with content for the website. 
  4. Edit the website to suit your specification. 


How Do I Make a Business Website in 5 Steps?

  1. Register Your Website’s Domain Name on
  2. Choose any of our hosting packages based on your preference.
  3. Create content for your website based on the templates given.
  4. Come up with a logo that befits your brand.
  5. Customise the website to your specification.


How Do I Build a Website Using a Website Builder?

  1. Choose your website builder from your theme.
  2. Sign up for the right website builder plan.
  3. Choose a domain name or get one if you do not have one.
  4. Single out the template from the list given.
  5. Customise your template to your liking.
  6. Preview and test it, focusing on call-to-action buttons and page URL links.



 Does your business need a website?

Yes. It customises its operations, invokes customer trust and acts as a base for marketing campaigns.


Do I need a website?


A customised platform is the only way to differentiate your business from any other. It makes getting new customers easy since all your information is online. The internet is the new marketplace, and missing out spells doom to your brand or business.


Essentially, it connects the world to your business. There is no limit to what anyone can share on your website; art, music, e-commerce shop, consultancy, school, writing or an online newspaper. The website is the front office of the business world.


What do I need to start and build a website?

You need the following

  1. Domain Name from
  2. Business Email Address made from your domain name
  3. Website Building Software or builder
  4. Website Hosting from
  5. Logo Design
  6. High-Quality Images that resonate with the website theme and activities.
  7. Google Analytics to monitor your online traffic and activities. 


How can I create a website free of cost?

You can get a simple website for free using the following steps:

  1. Set up your website and customise it.
  2. Log into your cPanel and settle on the theme of your choice
  3. Select a specific template you'd like to customise.
  4. Customise it to your liking
  5. Complete all other pages of the website 
  6. Publish your ready-made website


Do MSMEs need a website?

Yes. It is their best approach to get more clients and businesses. The website markets the business and acts as the go-between the customer and the business. With technology penetrating the interior, any business without a website risk losing its credibility.


What are the Advantages of Having a Website for your Business?

  1. It is affordable compared to classical marketing.
  2. Easy to plan advertising and marketing campaigns
  3. Customers can access it easily
  4. Projecting growth in sales is viable
  5. Instills credibility and reliability in customers.
  6. Easy access to business information


What are the benefits of a good website?

  1. Cost-Effective, especially in spelling out the business service, agenda or propositions
  2. Wider demographic reach since the internet is a global village
  3. The business easily gains credibility
  4. Customers get 24/7 services
  5. Consumers can visit at their convenient time.
  6. Increased sales, especially with good online positioning.


What does a website offer?

  1. The ideal business card for your project or organisation.
  2. A structured, detailed and permanent advertisement
  3. Present 24/7 all-year-round
  4. Helps you set the pace for your gradual scale-up - data management-
  5. Better communications modules and channels
  6. Increased credibility with customers and other businesses.


Can I build a website for free?

Yes. There are free website templates on WordPress and Wix. It is fast, simple and easy to make. However, you can buy and edit a befitting template if you want a detailed and responsive professional website.


How can I create a website for a small website in Kenya?

  1. Register and buy a domain name on
  2. Choose the web hosting package from and set up the website.
  3. Come up with content and post it on the website.
  4. Create simple communication handles and redirect them to the website.
  5. Publish the website.




What is the average cost of creating a website in Kenya?

Most web designers in Kenya specialise in WordPress sites, but the cost of building a standard website will range from KSh15,000 to 60,000.

A good number of websites in Kenya are customised from WordPress templates. The7 cost between 15,000/- and 80,000/- depending on the customisation complexity.


Can you host your website?

You can host your website, provided you have a good web hosting company. It should have a high processing speed, a faster problem-solving process and good SSD storage. Check out our hosting packages and sign up for one that suits your demands.


How many web pages can an average website have?

It depends on the content or services your business offers. It ranges from one page to over 1000 pages. Companies with regular web page updates increase their page number every day.


Does my website need a server?

Yes. A server is like your storage compartment where you keep everything you own. A website cannot function without a server. offer hosting services for any type of website. Reach out today and sample.

What do Web designers use to build websites?

Photoshop and Illustrator. 

They are widely used for creating wireframes that design websites. 


Why is website design so important?

It creates the first impression that defines how your audience perceives your brand. A good web designer can improve the image of your brand. For more on web design, visit 


What does web designing entail?

It uses design programs such as Adobe Photoshop, which creates the website layout and other visual elements. Web developers use JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS, and other programming languages to come up with website design.


What do Web designers do?

Web designers create attractive and fully-functional websites. They are creatives with wealth of knowledge in software engineering and programming skills.

Their area of expertise include;

  1. Conceptualising creative ideas on themes and template designs with clients.
  2. Testing and amending the website.
  3. Establishing website design guidelines, standards and best practices.
  4. Maintaining the websites through updating features and content standards.
  5. Designing and aligning websites' visual imagery with the client's needs.
  6. Working with different content management systems.
  7. Coming up with ideas for different website concepts.
  8. Incorporating responsive functionalities and features into websites.
  9. Preparing design plans and presenting the website structure.


What are the elements of website design?

Here are some of the elements of modern web design:

  1. Formidable and unlimited colour palette.
  2. White Space for working
  3. Relevant Calls-to-Action on responsive features.
  4. Editable and clean Backend Coding.
  5. Design with the end-user in mind.
  6. SEO-factored design elements
  7. Speed in Optimisation.


What is a good web design?

  1. Simple, easy to use, clean and fresh design
  2. Innovative and thought-provoking
  3. Appealing to the right users
  4. Engaging and progressive
  5. Functional and easy to upgrade
  6. Cohesive in design, with clear and precise processes
  7. Direct pointers and easy to understand. 
  8. Design elements Inspired by the customer
  9. Visual elements meant to invoke emotions.
  10. Emphasis on What Matters Most; customer


How long can it take to create a website?

Design time varies based on the type of website. Simple one-pager websites can take as short as 3 days, while others can go up to 12 weeks. Complex websites require special software like payment plugins, integration, testing, content development and sometimes regulatory approvals. The time spent between creation and when it goes live depends on the technicalities used in its creation. 


What are the essential elements in website design?

The important thing in website design is;

  1. Design – the final appearance 
  2. Usability – the interaction with the customer 
  3. SEO – growth on search engines
  4. content and integration – infusing content that enables its ranking and functionality 


What are 10 principles of effective web design?

  1. Purpose – directs creativity
  2. Clear Communication – easy flow of processes
  3. Understanding coding language – technical capacity
  4. A diverse colour palette
  5. Using the required images – variety and colour
  6. Easy navigation
  7. Grid-based layouts
  8. Quick load time
  9. "F" Pattern design
  10. Mobile-friendly designs


Why is website development important?

Web development helps to;

  1. Understand and translate user experience into website functionalities
  2. Maintain communication between the business and clients
  3. Easily sell your products or services
  4. Generate prospects and leads for the business
  5. Increase the visibility of your business/company.
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