Kenyans are yet to fully embrace online businesses, thanks to various untrustworthy vendors. However, to attract customers, there are several things you can do to authenticate your online business.


Optimise your content


Online buyers in Kenya need confirmation of a physical business. All your operations might be online, but you must have an office or outlet. Include phone numbers, google location and an email address to legitimise your business.


Ensure your website is mobile enabled


Mobile is the way to go. Over two-thirds of people visiting your online shop use mobile phones. Enable your mobile feature to make it easy for your customers to visit, sample, sort and buy from you. If possible, include mobile features like WhatsApp for easy communication.


Sign up for online listings and directories 


Search engines like google have business listings that help authenticate businesses. They rely on google maps and verification processes to prove existence. They provide buyers with opportunities to review their experiences, which they use to authenticate businesses. 


Capitalise on social media marketing


With social media acting as a convergence zone for different people, it offers a good marketing platform for online businesses. You can boost, promote and advertise your business, and the effects are instant. Alternatively, you can grow your network over time and use it to market your products. 


Invest in search engine marketing


Google, Yahoo and Bing are among the most popular search engines. You can invest in quality content, backlink generation, domain authority and other digital marketing processes to increase your credibility. With the right keywords, these search engines will bring your online shop up the ladder onto the first page.


Have footprints in the community 


As much as you sell to people, ensure you have a presence in society. Profits realised can be used on CSR projects that directly impact society. Word of mouth is powerful and can win you more customers.


Ask for reviews from your customers


Whenever a buyer gets the product or service, ask them to review your business. Reviews act as referrals and proof that the goods sold or services rendered are genuine. Positive feedback improves business ranking on search engines, making more people see it online. 


Monitor online impressions and capitalise on what is working


The statistics at the backend are a clear reflection of business performance. It guides you on what to do, which might improve the business conversion over time.



Register on local business organisations


If there are other businesses offering the same or complimentary service, join the association. It not only improves credibility but also gives your business validity. Serious buyers value due diligence, especially when they want to buy products in bulk or associate with your brand.


Branding should be up-to date


Your colour theme, logo and online presence must be consistent. Customers invest in something they can relate to over time, which improves consistency and return customers. If possible, your products or service should come with either a brochure, receipt or any branding material.

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