Starting an online business is a necessity for anyone who wants to go the long hall. Getting a good web hosting company in Kenya should be top of your list as it determines your data security and loading speed. Depending on the type of business, there are several templates that help you set up, market and sell online.


Increased Internet Penetration


As of July 2022, the 4G/5G network covered over 95% of Kenya. Whether you are on the Tanzania border in South-West Kenya or Moyale on the Ethiopian border, you are connected to fast internet, which enables you to shop, work or play online. Leveraging on this infrastructure, online businesses are set to boom.


All the sellers need to do is sell their wares and join the production process to the existing logistics infrastructure. You can buy baby clothes in Nairobi at 4 pm, and they will reach Moyale the following day at noon. If it is in an online service, it happens in real-time.


Low Starting Capital


Online business taxation is still unclear, making such businesses affordable and easy to manage. All you need as an online seller is a domain name, a web host and a developer. Web hosting and domain registration in Kenya is annual, while web development is one-off. After set-up, you can sell to people anywhere in the world. You can also leverage social media and search engine marketing to increase your scope and breadth.


Flexible Working Time


As opposed to a physical location where you have to open and close at a specific time, an online business is up 24 hours a day. Customers can log in and do their shopping without necessarily being there. Your work is processing their orders, packing and shipping them to the customer. The money is also sent online, which makes the whole experience effortless and convenient.


Working from Anywhere


An online shop does not limit you to a single location. As long as you have your computer, you can manage every activity online and give guidance on what to do. You can monitor all activities in real-time if you have broadband connectivity and a computer or a phone.


You can work from home, in the warehouse, on holiday or in transit. It also works for ladies who can take care of their homes and still run their businesses. If you don’t want an office, you can also log in to a shared workspace and do your work. It is cheaper, convenient and offers more services than renting a physical office.


Unlimited Marketplace


Online selling doesn’t have boundaries. Any customer in the world can see your products and buy them. The business has unlimited exposure, which gives your business the biggest marketplace compared to a physical location. Depending on the product sold or service rendered, you get economies of scale since the infrastructure or raw materials needed cost minimal. In return, you can offer competitive prices, which makes your business progressive and attractive to budget customers.


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