Domain names are brand names that people associate you or your business with. The name makes domain registration in Kenya a vital topic of discussion since it determines how visible you or your business will be online. Below are some of the factors to consider when choosing a domain name.


Simple, Predictable and Easy to Read


Whereas businesses and people have taken all the easy names, ensure your name is equally simple and predictable. Your customers should be able to read and associate it with you or your business. Simplicity makes understanding easy.


Do not Include Numbers or Hyphens


Using numbers or hyphens is not advisable, especially for SEO or SEM. They create a “void”, which might make it easy to identify. However, if you have to use numbers, ensure they are part of the business name.


Furthermore, including numbers or hyphens takes away the domain name’s simplicity. It makes website location and identification harder, especially if it does not feature as part of the business name.


Short and Clear


There is nothing wrong with a lengthy domain name, but you might miss it due to spelling and search engine crawling. It also makes it easy to remember, specify and makes add-ons easy to make. A good example is adding a subdomain.


Market or Usage-Specific


A domain name that is specific to the business is easier to commercialise. For example, a marketing company should have the name “marketing” as part of the domain name, making it easier to develop SEO. BeyondRanks Marketing Solutions is easier to optimise since the keyword is part of the domain name.


Get the Right Domain Extension


Not all domain extensions work on any domain. You have to consider the type of business and location, which will help when settling on the domain extension. A network company can use .net to define its business type, while a Kenyan company like Toto’s Kingdom Network will benefit from using as a domain extension.


If .com is taken, other domain extensions in the market can fit on your domain name. We have, .biz and .co for businesses. Schools use .edu or, while a personal website can use .me. Essentially, one can use several domain extensions and still be within their service line.


Use a Domain Name Generator


Consider using a domain name generator if your intended domain name is unavailable. First, key in your intended business name and let the system suggest possible names. It also helps you remove used word combinations, making it easier to settle on a name. However, ensure that your keywords are part of the name for easier optimisation.


Purchase it Quickly


Domain names share a universal registry, which makes it important to purchase when you find them available. Once you have a domain name, search for it; if it is available, purchase and pack it. Ensure you buy it when you find it as it only takes a second to take it off the market.

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