What Is Domain Transfer?

It is moving a domain name from one accredited registrar to another. There are several reasons for such transfers, ranging from customer service issues to pricing and web activity consolidation.

If you want to move your domain name to, follow the following steps to effect the transfer in record time.


Domain Name Unlocking 

Domain name locking is an activity by the registrar’s system to ensure that the domain name is not tampered with or used without the owner’s authority. It mostly happens if you get the domain name through a promotion or other conditions set during its purchase. To unlock it, you have to fulfil the terms and conditions.

The unlocking process involves logging in to your account on the registrar’s platform and unlocking the domain name. If you cannot do so on your cPanel, contact the registrar and request its unlocking. To confirm it, search your domain name on WhoIs LookUp and confirm if the domain status is OK.


Getting the Domain Transfer Authorisation/EPP Code for the Domain Name

It is a specific code from the current registrar authorising the domain transfer. You can find it on your client portal under the domain management section. If you need help, contact your registrar to request it.


Start the Domain Transfer Process

If you are a new customer on, follow the following procedure.

  • Go to “Domain name” on your client area, and click “Get Started.”
  • It leads you to a page where you will search for the domain name.
  • Click on “Transfer the Domain” on the left side of the page.
  • Enter the domain name and the authorisation code obtained from your previous registrar. Click on “Add to the Cart.”
  • If you do not have a hosting plan with, select from the list.
  • Enter your bio-data to fulfil the registration obligation. An invoice will pop up, pay it, and your domain transfer to and web hosting purchase will be complete.


If you are a customer with a hosting plan, follow the following process.

  • Log in to your account, Go to “Domain name” on your client area, and click “Get Started.”
  • Click on “Transfer the Domain” on the left side of the page.
  • Enter the domain name and the authorisation code obtained from your previous registrar. Click on “Add to the Cart.”
  • Select your hosting plan and complete the domain transfer.


Once you finish the process above, the local domain (.ke) transfer is immediate. Domain transfer for international extensions will take between 5 to 7 days. The previous host has to authorise the transfer based on international practices, during which the process will have a “Pending Transfer” status. During this phase, you cannot do anything or manage the domain directly.


When the transfer completes to, the status will change to “Client Transfer Prohibited”. That means it is locked to, and you can now use or manage it.


What Makes a Domain Transfer Fail?

  • If the domain name has an international extension – .net, .com, .info or .biz – and is not more than 60 days old, you cannot transfer it. ICCAN, the Los Angeles body that manages and coordinates namespaces databases, can only allow the domain name transfer 60 days after registration. However, the local extensions (, .ke, are not restricted. You can move them even after registration.
  • If there is a contact change in the domain set-up, you cannot proceed with a domain transfer before 60 days elapse. Likewise, this only affects international and not local extensions.
  • If you haven’t unlocked the domain from the initial registry, the transfer cannot go on. The lock limits theft or any other unwarranted activities on the domain name without permission from the owner. Go to the domains section, unlock it, or contact customer service to open it. The process applies to all domain extensions across the board.
  • If the EPP or Transfer Code is wrong, the domain transfer process will fail. The code is important as it is the key to unlocking the process. To get the right code, ensure you copy the code as provided by the initial registrar and ensure you use it within the given time.
  • If the domain name has expired, you cannot proceed with the transfer. To transfer it, you need to renew it first. It only applies to international extensions. However, you can transfer local extensions anytime, whether active or expired.


How Can I Transfer My Website and Emails Files?

Website and email transfer on are free.

Although the process is involving and tedious, our customer care attendants are on standby to guide you. You only need to provide us your cPanel login credentials from your initial host. We will facilitate the movement from the old servers to


If you do not have access to your previous web host, you can request their customer service to download the files, specifically database, website and emails. They should come in the zip file format, where you can share it with us, and we will complete the transfer.


However, consider downloading the files when your account is nearing expiry to avoid inconveniences.


Is There Any Downtime During Domain Transfer? has powerful servers which can hold down whenever a domain transfer is in progress. For a better experience, reach out to our customer service for a seamless process. We are on standby 24/7 to manage the experience efficiently and in record time.


How Much Does Domain Transfer to Cost?

Domain transfer to is free across all extensions. However, you cannot transfer an expired domain with an international extension. You have to renew it first before moving it. Even with the renewal on the other registrar, your domain will be active for the one year it intended. You will not pay any money when moving it to

However, expired local domains can be transferred.


To begin the domain transfer process, click HERE to move to HostJaer and enjoy our services.

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