Choosing a credible web hosting in Kenya service provider like takes a lot of work. Several other providers are in the market, making it difficult to factor in everything. At the end of this blog, you will know the step-by-step process of choosing a web hosting service in Kenya.


It is a tedious process when sourcing for web hosting, considering the several options in the market. A search on the internet shows many options, each with its selling point, which you cannot verify. The process is a big decision with a significant impact on your business. Your online activity will be smooth if you get the right web host. But what will you look out for when searching for a credible service provider?


Below is a list of some factors to consider when looking for an ideal web hosting in Kenya service provider.


1. Online Customer Reviews and Service Satisfaction 

Every business with an online presence should have online reviews or testimonials. They give an overview of the customers’ reactions to web hosting services. The commentary touches on the customers’ response to the company’s services, products and customer care model. Analyse carefully what they are saying and decide on the company. Google Review is a good source of such reviews.


2. Competitive Advantage 

Most web hosting companies in Kenya have a unique service or promotion that entices customers. Whereas this is an eye-catcher, does it have other relevant features for the customer? Review other features in the package, comparing them with other web host service providers. Some elements to look out for include shared hosting, VPS hosting and what the hosting package has.


Shared hosting is the first feature to look out for as you look for other complex features, such as NVMe SSD and bandwidth, among others. However, consider the web hosting features that resonate with your company’s needs.


3. Customer Service

Speed and accuracy when answering customer service questions also matter. Is it during work hours only or 24/7? Do they have a live chat, WhatsApp or an in-house messaging system? How is their speed in solving customer issues? How long is their queue when serving their customers? All the above questions determine how efficient and stress-free the customer support is.


There are instances when major technical issues like server downtime affect the workability of the web host. How customer support reacts goes a long way in determining the system’s effectiveness. Do proper background research on all web hosting service providers in Kenya and understand this factor. Social media and product review sites are the best for such information.


4. Ability to Upgrade Web Hosting Package

It is a vital feature, especially when your business grows and you want to move to the next package. The web hosting company you settle on should be able to upgrade your bouquet without tampering with your data. Do not consider it if it does not have that option, even if the other features check out. It will force you to move your files manually to the next package, which is time-consuming and tedious.


5. Control Panel

Some web hosting service providers do not give customers access to the cPanel and only use the central cPanel. The reason is to save operational costs since it will mean paying for all the cPanels. It limits the client from doing basic things such as creating new emails, resetting passwords, setting up FTP accounts and even installing WordPress.


An account holder can do these basic things without contacting their web hosting service provider. To avoid this back and forth for such small issues, look for a web host that gives each client their cPanel to manage their activities. It saves time and allows the account holder to handle basic operational tasks on the cPanel.


6. Data Backup

It is crucial to have a backup, whether online or offline, for your data and files. There are instances when your website may crash, be infected by malware or be hacked. In the end, you might lose your data and the entire website. If your hosting service provider does not have a backup, you will be forced to start afresh.


Your web hosting service provider should clarify whether they have a backup for clients’ data. The feature should be clear, noting the frequency and time when the backup occurs. If they have an offline backup plan, they should also be clear with it. In general, data storage and offline backup is an expensive affair, and the web host should state it and the cost implication to their customer.


7. Uptime and Data Processing Speed

Slow processing and offline websites is a letdown to most website owners. In the long run, it is unreliable and costly since you will lose customers. Frustrations go up since most of the services will be unresponsive. To check this feature, go through the company’s history. Any trace of downtime or slow speeds is a turn-off.


8. Online Security 

There is a high prevalence of malware attacks, pitting 1 out of every 10 websites. A web hosting in Kenya service provider should have online security to rid its website of cyber viruses. Although the primary website security is the website’s owner, the web host should have a mechanism to stop the infiltration. They should activate a cyber wall to prevent unauthorised access to their client’s websites. Use safe plugins, themes and software when working online to prevent cyber-attacks.


9. Price

Although price is not an important determinant, it is essential when sourcing a web hosting service provider. It comes down to budget and what you will spend on web hosting. Cheapest is not the solution because it might need a lot of improvement to make it up to date. Select the hosting provider with the best features and the most competitive price in the market.


10. Promotion and Renewal Cost

The first price can be enticing, but the renewal fee is the deal breaker. Before you buy a web hosting service whose price is affordable, look at the renewal fees after a year and compare. Most web hosts offer a discounted price when you first sign-up, only to increase the price when renewing significantly. Go through all the pricing models and single out the one that is cost friendlier to you in the long run. Your web host should also show you the price difference after the discounted rates expire.



Web hosting in Kenya is a promising venture with many features to entice its customers. Some features might not apply now but can affect the website’s workability. Go through all the features mentioned and decide on a web hosting service provider that suits your needs.

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