Web hosting in Kenya is doable, although it needs guidance for first-timers. It helps you manage your online activities through the website. If this is your first time owning a website, this article will help you get the most important things together. Below are some of the elements you need to know about web hosting.


Definition and Application of Web Hosting


It is a service rendered by an IT firm involving storing files on virtual servers for websites. In essence, it is a storage facility for website files and documents online. All website pages are different from normal files since anyone can view them from different places worldwide. That makes it impossible to store them on computer storage since it is offline.


Web hosting uses online servers to store these virtual files and produces them upon request. Since they are a good number, it is the work of the server to create, name, store and produce them when required. When a company offers web hosting services in Kenya, it means that they sell online storage where to store web pages. Web hosting space comes in megabytes, just the same as hard disc space in a computer.


Why Web Hosting Is Important


Every process is moving online, making websites and online platforms an integral part of the future. The future is online, from businesses to academic institutions, networks and health facilities. Web hosting is the first thing to do since it gives your online activities storage.


Once anyone connects to the internet, they can easily see your profile or webpage, making it one of the most progressive forms of marketing today. What makes it better is that one can visit your business in the comfort of their home. Web hosting companies in Kenya have strong servers that can process and offer virtual services to any business or organisation from any corner of the world.


Since personal servers or a computer cannot give you the speed, storage and multiple connections simultaneously, web hosting companies in Kenya step in to help. Plus, they have affordable packages that go as low as KES. 167 per month. Moreover, most web hosting companies in Kenya also offer domain registration services. In essence, you have a one-stop shop for all your online branding needs. 


Packages for Web Hosting Services


Depending on the scope and need, different clients require specific storage for their websites. A person with at most 3 websites cannot pay for the same as one with 10 websites. Web hosting companies divide their packages based on the storage size and the number of websites.


For example, offers 4 packages; bronze, silver, gold and custom. Bronze hosts at most 3 websites with a 3GB NVMe SSD processor, while silver gives 10 websites with a 5GB NVMe SSD processor. Gold gives the customer unlimited websites with a 10GB NVMe SSD. For those who need special storage, the Custom package serves them. will give them a special quote based on the storage space and processor speed they need.

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