Autoresponder – it is an automatic mail delivered to the sender. The recipient writes a mail on the system explaining why they cannot reply in good time. If someone writes to them, they get the email automatically. Out of Office is the most common auto-responder.


Bandwidth – it is the rate of data transfer between online systems and calculated as the amount of data transferred in a second. A website with a higher bandwidth is preferred since it has enough capacity, especially for high-traffic websites.


Backup – it is a copy of website files, both online and offline. It comes in handy if your website experiences data loss or corruption. A website hosting in Kenya with a daily backup is ideal, although some make 2 backups daily.


cPanel – it is a central command interface that allows a user to access the website or server’s backend. You can configure an account, change settings or add/delete websites. All web hosting companies in Kenya have cPanels that help you manage websites.


Dedicated server – it is a physical server that hosts a single account. It gives the owner complete control over its usage, including the operating system, resource usage and other physical activities. Since it only hosts 1 account, website speed is usually faster. A company with a high online traffic website can benefit from a dedicated server. 


Domain Name – it is a specific website identifier representing an alpha-numeric string that instructs the browser on how to communicate with a server. is an example of a domain name.


DNS – Domain name system (DNS) is a service that helps translate website identifies into numerical IP addresses that computers can understand. When you purchase a domain name, the web hosting company creates a DNS record associated with the domain name in numbers. For example, is


FTP – (File Transfer Protocol) is the file transfer service over the internet. It helps upload or download files from a remote server. 


HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) – it is a computer language used to create web pages. A browser receives raw web language and converts it to readable web pages. 


HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) – it is a process used to transfer files or hypermedia (images, videos, texts) over the internet. It derives its basis from the world wide web (www), which interconnects several documents online.


IMAP – (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a process used to authenticate and retrieve emails from a server. It simplifies emails for use by email applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.


IP Address – it is a unique number assigned to a device or network.


Managed Hosting – this is where a web hosting service provider carries out server configuration, upgrades and other hosting administrative services.


PHP – it is a free open source website scripting language that creates content used in HTML. 


Shared Hosting – it is a system where one web hosting account serves several web applications.


Softaculous – it is a system that comes with a web hosting account, fitted with a cPanel, enabling the user to install web applications such as WordPress.


404 Error Page – It is a code used when the search engine cannot find the exact page. In most cases, the visitor found the mother website but could not find the exact page. It may be due to a mistyped URL, or the administrator might have deleted the page. 


Caching – Thanks to caching, returning visitors find it easier to access and load the website. It is a process where the website files are temporarily stored on a customer’s browser. Caching saves the page and its files on the browser for a short time so that it loads faster the next time the customer visits the website.


Conversion – When an online visitor completes a call to action on a website, they have been converted. For example, if they click on a link, sign up for the newsletter, or buy something online, it signals online conversion. If you want to measure the conversion rate on your website, consider using a CRO (conversion rate optimisation). 


Call to Action (CTA) – It is a section on the webpage that tells a visitor what you want them to do. A button like “Sign Up”, “Learn/Find Out More”, and “Buy Now” signified a call to action. Essentially, they are the biggest determiners when it comes to online conversions. 


Plugin – It is a website application that adds a specific function to software. Not all websites have all functions embedded, which makes plugins a valuable addition. Spam blocking and e-commerce plugins are some of the most popular in website development. 


SSL (Secure Socket Layer) – SSL is denoted by the little lock sign before the URL. It is an online security technology that encrypts data as it moves between the browser and web server. The additional security layer makes it difficult for cybercriminals to intercept the information. Ecommerce websites are the most vulnerable, and customers will look for the SSL sign on a website before completing their transaction. 


Subdomain – It is a section of the main website differentiated by adding a word or a few letters before the main website URL. It might be a division of the main website that acts as a semi-autonomous entity but derives its mandate from the main business or idea. A good example is


Uptime – It is the average percentage of time a web server operates effectively without any technical issues. It is the ultimate measure of online reliability, especially for businesses like e-commerce websites. Most website servers need maintenance from time to time, which leads to a reduced uptime percentage (downtime). Reputable web hosting companies in Kenya guarantee 99.99% uptime. 


VPS (Virtual Private Servers) – Most online businesses prefer VPS since it gives them autonomy compared to shared hosting plans. It is a partitioned server where different users can use their part fully. It gives the owners affordable autonomy compared to a dedicated server.


Webmail – It is a dedicated e-mail application that enables you to view and send e-mails from the web browser. You do not have to download Mozilla Thunderbird or Mozilla Outlook to access or send e-mails. 

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