Domain registration in Kenya is an important activity for any online engagement. It gives your business an online identity unique only to you. Several companies worldwide can sell you a domain, but buying it from a domain registration company in Kenya is advisable. You get a sense of identity, making managing your online activity easier from a central place.


Importance of Buying a Domain Name from a Company in Kenya

  1. Easy to personalise and manage
  2. You can only get the .ke suffix in Kenya.
  3. Get better offers
  4. Support a local company
  5. Easy to geo-map your website to Kenya


Easy To Personalise and Manage

Domains purchased in Kenya are easy to acquire, set up, personalise and manage. Since the domain registration company is in Kenya, you can call for some advice if you get stuck. For those who get their domain abroad, contacting customer service in case of a problem can take time and effort.


If the company initiates changes in the domain registration architecture, they can inform their customer. Such customer service can only work effectively if the service provider and the company are in the same time zone. It prepares the domain owner to plan accordingly in case of downtime.


Other issues, such as payments and training, are well coordinated if both parties are in Kenya. Essentially, you can easily personalise your domain to your taste if your domain registration company is in Kenya.


You Can Only Get The Suffix In Kenya.

You can only get the or .ke domain in Kenya as part of the global domain identification. They are centrally managed by the Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC), a subsidiary of Kenya’s Communication Authority. The aim is to document the number of Country Code top-level domains (ccTLD) with the Kenyan suffix.


A business with the domain has an advantage, especially if its primary market is Kenya. Visibility is geo-mapped to Kenya, making it easier for people in Kenya to see your website than a .com TLD. To understand more about the advantages of having a domain, read through’s post on domain registration.


Get Better Offers

Offers are a factor of price and cost. You can get a better deal on domain registration in Kenya if your registrar purchases in bulk. Most domain registration companies in Kenya have an offer for new clients to make their online journey affordable. They combine web hosting services and domain registration to give you a reduced cost for a start.


Moreover, the prices of domains from other registrars outside the country are affected by inflation. Local companies cushion the inflation by spreading the risk to all their customers, significantly reducing the purchasing cost. Since cost is a factor when considering buying a domain, getting one from a local registrar is ideal.


The deal becomes better if you are purchasing a domain because it is not only localised, but has the best price among all TLDs.


Support A Local Company

Buying a domain from a Kenyan TLD registrar localises the transaction. Proceeds generated from that sale contribute positively to the economy, growing the industry in the long run. Profits generated grow the company, create employment and improve the domain registration infrastructure. More importantly, it builds the company’s portfolio internationally, raising Kenya’s standards among other tech-savvy nations worldwide.


Most domain registration companies in Kenya also offer web hosting services. Combining the two services makes it easier for a website owner to get all they need from one agency. Customer benefits from economies of scale (offers and promotions) and faster customer service.


Easy To Geo-Map Your Website to Kenya

When performing complementary activities such as digital marketing, a domain registered in Kenya is easily marketable. Content development and search engine optimisation procedures work well if your domain and hosting are from a Kenyan company. If the ccTLD is Kenyan, the plot becomes easier as the domain suffix is tied to Kenya. Therefore, ranking on search engines becomes simpler compared to a .com TLD.


Kenya has become a regional technology hub, making its cyberspace active. If your website can rank highly in Kenya, you can make it in any market. This concentration has made Kenya an important country in the world’s technology ranking. With a ccTLD from Kenya, you get a head start on ranking if you keep up with the pace.

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