The 2019/20 Coronavirus pandemic showed us that the marketplace, as we know it, can change overnight. It does not mean that demand and supply have changed, but the way of doing business. With innovations and products coming to the shelves every day, there is a need to revolutionise marketing. It all begins with owning a website in Kenya. The process fits into your business development agenda and gives your customers all they need to know about the business, products and philosophy.


Reasons Why a Company or Business Needs a Website

  • It shows professionalism and credibility
  • It makes digital marketing possible
  • Information on the website makes customer service simpler
  • You have total control over your narrative
  • It is a good platform for sharing updates and announcements


Shows Professionalism and Credibility 

The first thing any potential customer does when they hear a business name is to search for it online. They associate formalisation, especially online, with credibility. If the business has a digital footprint, it easily passes as credible and authentic. How it presents itself, its choice of words, creativity, and openness guarantees trust among its new customers.


When setting up a business, creating a website and registering the business name make it easier for anyone to follow the story. Try looking for a unique name that makes it easy for customers to find you. Professionalism is creating a brand, living by its mantra, doing what you promise and living to your bidding. The best way to profess all this is by owning a website.


Digital Marketing

The best avenue to market your business is online. It has infinite possibilities since everything online owes its being to the internet. Digital marketing is a multifaceted process that all starts with a website. You might have social media pages, but a website should be the last stop for all the traffic generated.


All the numbers available online can turn into customers. It also gets people from all over the world to sample your product or service, which increases the possibility of conversion compared to below-the-line marketing. All this happens if you have a good website. However, ensure your website has all the important features to make the digital marketing process seamless.


Customer Service

A good website with all the important information cancels the need for a call centre. Customer service is a big feature in online communication as it helps explain the goods, services or operations to potential customers. Not all customers, especially heavy spenders, come to your business knowing what to expect. Unfortunately, how you explain to them determines if they will take up the service.


A website with enough information about the products, service, leadership and other data helps the customer understand the business. The frequently asked questions (FAQs) and terms of service are rich in business information as it helps reduce the number of questions asked. To get all this under control, get a good web developer to design a platform that can help you convert more customers.


Controlling Your Narrative 

Websites are created to the owners’ liking. Everything goes where the website owner wants, including content, contact, terms of service and even the name. Essentially, the website owner has total control over what happens on the website. However, we cannot say this about social and conventional media. From the name, what to post, your customer base and advertisement, they must be vetted and approved.


When setting up a website, you buy the website design and name, which makes it easier for customers to find you. You do not rely on social media subscribers to convert into customers, although the numbers help create a following. Their motive when signing up on social media platforms isn’t necessarily to buy what you are selling but to follow the trends. However, with your website, whenever a lead searches for your service, the demand is already there, making it easier to covert your traffic compared to social media traffic.


In summary, social media should help redirect traffic to your website, not be your backstop when developing customer leads.


Updates and Announcements

Whenever there is an announcement, your website is a good avenue. It is not limited to time, location or magnitude. As long as you post it, it is public knowledge. It is also authentic because it comes from the horse’s mouth, unlike social media where anyone can create a pseudo-account. Customers will trust announcements made on the company website.


It also saves the company resources if they use conventional media to pass the announcement. To make it more effective, you can share the snippet on social media, but most of the information should be on the business website.

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