Different domain extensions have different uses and denote the type of organisation or establishment they belong to. It helps differentiate organisations for easy classification and identification, avoiding basic questions. For example, a domain extension for a business is different from a hospital, school, NGO, or government entity. That is why there is a regulation for purchasing domain extensions in Kenya.


Businesses (.com and


They are the most common organisations with a website. However, based on their classification, they have different domain extensions. A normal business involving buying and selling goods and services will have either a .com or a

  • A .com means commercial and is not tied to any specific country. However, the origin of the name is America, where these domain extensions came from. Any business anywhere in the world can use .com for their domain.
  • A means a commercial business in Kenya. It is geo-mapped to Kenya and shows that the business owner or business registration was done in Kenya. For foreign-owned businesses to have a means that they either have an office in Kenya or want to sell exclusively to Kenyans. The domain extension help in search engine marketing and optimisation as it clarifies the area covered.


Schools (


Schools are special businesses with a clear mandate and execution. Although most school owners still use .com or, the right domain extension is It means that it is an academic institution based in Kenya. Universities and other higher learning institutions in Kenya have adopted this domain extension. However, the .ke extension does not mean visitors cannot see these websites outside the country.


Faith-Based or Non-Governmental Organisations (.org or


These establishments are majorly non-profit and are meant to advance a humanitarian or social welfare goal. Foreign organisations working in Kenya choose .org as their domain extension and maybe create a page for Kenya. However, those registered or domesticated in Kenya use as their extension. A good example is World Vision International (wvi/org), Mercy Corps ( and Kenya Heart National Foundation (


Government Departments and Agencies


These are government-owned or allied establishments made by an act of parliament. The means government. However, once they are privatised, they change from to .com or No one can register any domain in Kenya with without a written or sworn affidavit from the accounting officer in the respective department from which the company is aligned. The government monitors all this through the Communications Authority of Kenya.


Other Domain Extensions or .me

These extensions are for network devices aligned to a network companies. They use it as a reference point to a registered network for tracking and convergent purposes. or .mobi

They refer to content or activity meant for mobiles. It happens when an organisation wants to customise their content based on the type of devices. or .info

These domain extensions are reserved for organisations that specialise in communication.


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