How to Set Up a WordPress Website on HostJaer

A website is a necessary platform for every business, idea or brand. Knowing how to set up a WordPress website is an essential skill as it gives you the prerequisite knowledge to manage the platform. Although the process is straightforward, you need the correct guidance to make the procedure effective. Regardless of the type of website, we give you the approach that applies across the board and how to do it yourself.

Step By Step Process on How to Set Up a WordPress Website on HostJaer

Create the Brand Name

Depending on what you want to do with your website, create a brand name for it. Use the business name as the brand name if it is a business. If possible, reserve the name during business registration and apply it to all platforms you intend to use. You can purchase your brand name from You can choose from .COM, .CO.KE, .ORG or .NET, depending on your organisation. Read more on domain registration in Kenya for a better understanding.  

Download a WordPress Theme

Get a web hosting package from Choose from the 3 packages on offer based on your organisation’s needs. Select one of the WordPress themes at the backend of your web hosting and install it. Ensure it matches the website type you need to reduce theme editing.   Once the theme is in place, create website Metadata: the website name, goods/services/brand and tagline. This information is what identifies the website online. Although there are several free WordPress themes, they might not give you what you want, especially when customising it to your taste. You can buy a good theme from the WordPress store for specific customisable features.

Customise Your Homepage

All WordPress themes come with dummy content that acts as a guide. All you have to do is replace it with your words. Ensure you observe the word count, font size, positioning and colour to maintain the design. You can custom-make the colours to match your corporate identity, but be careful not to ruin the formatting. Seek professional advice if you want it done to perfection. Other features to look into when customising your homepage include
  • Audiovisuals – when replacing pictures and videos, ensure you maintain the dimensions, colour grading and quality to maintain the website’s consistency.
  • Block size – customise your content length and colour based on the specified sizes. The blocks are designed to scale, and if you use more words, it might distort the code.
  • If you do not need a block, remove it. Do not remove sections, as it might distort the design.

Create Menus

List down every good or service you wish to include on your website. Create special pages and link them to the Menu bar. It is the second most important element on your how to set up a WordPress website to-do list. Website visitors concentrate on the menu as it answers their questions: what, why, how, when and who. Menu links are on the menu bar below the website’s heading. On mobile, it is on the left or right side of the website page, shown using 3-parallel short lines.  

Come Up With More Pages Based on Your Services or Products

Simple websites have a few pages depending on the services they offer. Ensure you create a page for each service and custom-make it to serve the purpose. As for mid-size and large companies, the pages should be elaborate, with clear visuals. Get professionals to design the page for you, matching every need with a service and redirecting the traffic to the right quarters.   Most WordPress website themes have pre-built page layouts which you can edit. Pick the one with most of your features and custom-make it to suit the purpose. Based on the services rendered, you can create different designs.  

Link Your Website to Social Media

For SEO reasons and website interlinking, include social media links on your WordPress website. They not only redirect traffic to your websites but also act as social signals, playing an important role in SEO ranking. For an optimal experience, the brand name should be the same on all social media platforms. The most important social media platforms to try out are Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn and YouTube.  

How to Set Up a WordPress Website on HostJaer: Ask for Help

If you need any assistance on how to set up a WordPress website, contact and the customer service attendant will guide you.

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