How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Plan For Your Budget

There are different web hosting plans on HostJaer that serve different customers. They vary in storage size, number of websites allowed, and cost. These 3 factors determine the capacity and number of platforms each plan can hold. Choosing the right plan has technical and operational aspects, which we will discuss in this article. Regardless of the plan you choose, the services are excellent.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Web Hosting Plan

  • Type of website
  • Website Key Features
  • The Type of Web Hosting
  • Customer-Business Relationship

Type of Website

It is the biggest determinant in choosing a customer’s right web hosting plan. In structure, there are 3 main types of websites: corporate, blog and e-commerce. Each of the 3 has specific storage needs based on its files.   A Corporate Website When setting up a website for a company, the bulk of the content is used at the development stage. They are mostly service pages with several audio-visual files. Of the 3 websites, it requires considerable storage needs over time. If you were to choose the right plan from HostJaer, we’d recommend the silver package. However, depending on the size of the business, its content needs and projections increase, and you might require additional space after some time.   A Simple Blog Personal branding is popular among contemporary professionals. Simple blogs or personalized websites are common, replacing career CVs. Its set-up is simple, with the least content and audio-visual needs. The bronze package from HostJaer is the ideal plan for such a website since it requires the least maintenance. For personalities with a lot to say about themselves, the package has 2 more websites spaces, which they can use to showcase their skills further, widening the visibility of your online presence.   An E-commerce Website It is the biggest (in size and capacity) compared to the 2 websites above. It requires a lot of data, both in development and maintenance. With updates on a daily basis, it requires enough space and bandwidth to operate. We recommend the Gold Web Hosting Plan, which we can upgrade over time depending on the storage needs.  

Website Key Features

There are special features website owners look for when sourcing for a hosting plan. Such features determine the workability of the website, its ease of service and technological requirements. The following are some of the features website owners look for in a web hosting plan
  • Data centre proximity – most website owners prefer web hosting service providers with servers nearby. It makes web pages load faster, a feature known as low latency.
  • Complementary services – the service becomes simpler and affordable if the web host is also a domain registrar. HostJaer is an accredited and reliable registrar, making it a one-stop shop for all website development needs.
  • Service transfer – many are times, website owners want to move their platforms to a new web host. The process of moving your website is also a big determinant. Look for a service provider that enables the movement for free and seamlessly.
  • Service versatility – besides being a web host for your platform, a good service encompasses other digital services such as email hosting and digital marketers. Having these services in one place makes all end-to-end services worthwhile, affordable, and easily traceable.

The Type of Web Hosting

Each web hosting service provider has a forte based on the infrastructure and market forces. For the record, there 3 types of web hosting, each with their specific clientele
  1. Shared Hosting – as the name suggests, the hosting server is shared among several websites as determined by the service provider. It is the common form of hosting in the local market since it is affordable, user-friendly and facilitates easy website management.
  2. Virtual Private Server (VPS) – it allows several websites on the same server, but each website has a dedicated partition. The arrangement improves website security, which makes it attractive to medium-sized businesses.
  3. Cloud Hosting – Each website has dedicated resources, which improves uptime guarantees, website security, and reliability. Of the 3 types of web hosting, cloud hosting is the best, but more costly.

Customer-Business Relationship

Technology in web hosting has improved over time, which makes technicalities a bit relatable across web hosting service providers. However, the relationship between the customer and the business significantly influences the choice of a web hosting plan. Save for specific web hosting features, there are very few customers who can tolerate unreliable operational services. Besides the technical features you require as a website owner, review other customer’s comments to understand the business.

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