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Hosting services in Kenya determines how effective and efficient a web host is. There are specific features that a good web host service provider in Kenya must have to ensure their competitiveness in the market. Some are purely technical, while others are in-house processes that make customer service efficient. As the hosting service grows, companies are on-toes to meet industry demand. We discuss the features available in the market that make web hosting in Kenya service providers competitive.

Competitive Hosting Services in Kenya

  • Free online security
  • Frequent backups
  • Regular system updates
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Optimized platform
  • Easy to Use site builder
  • Server-level protection

Free Online Security 

A good hosting service provider should have free online security for all their packages. With technological improvements, most service providers offer free SSL certificates for every URL attached to the parent domain. This security is sufficient enough to offer maximum technology to the website. If your website is hyper-sensitive, you can buy additional security, but the available SSL is enough to keep your platform secure from external interference. Online security should top the list of all the features you should look for in a web hosting service provider.

Frequent Backups

The cyberspace nature in Kenya requires regular backups of web pages in case of an eventuality. Some web hosting service providers set backups between a day and a week, depending on the volume, technology, and space. The ideal web host should have daily backups for all the platforms hosted. Still on hosting, the service provider should be able to store the data for at least a month, with an auto-delete feature when the set period elapses. It allows the system to save any updates and monitor its development for 30 days. Essentially, the shorter the auto-update period, the longer the storage period, the better.

Regular System Updates

Most web hosting service providers in Kenya are resellers and rely on their service provider for technical updates. If that is the case, ensure that any updates created are updated as soon as possible. In the case of local updates like M-Pesa integration, it should work seamlessly to support the web hosting function. All website hosting c-panels adapt to content management services (CMS). Any updates on these platforms should reflect in real-time. It also applies to plugins and any other website applications.

Unlimited Email Accounts

The number of domains per hosting can be controlled, not email accounts. The number of emails should be unlimited as long as the domain is active. It accommodates many people as a go, which makes it attractive for businesses with a huge workforce. If the web host limits the number of emails one can create on a domain name, their technology is becoming obsolete. The feature also applies to subdomains and extensions. No modern web hosting service provider in Kenya limits the number of emails created per domain.

Optimized Platform 

Any software or plugin installed on the hosting should automatically conform and optimize for plug-and-play usage. Most CMS can integrate many software as long as they have a link between them. If your web host has issues optimizing or adopting new software, it is time to rethink your hosting choices. Not only should they integrate, but they also work with optimum speed to give the intended service.

Easy-to-Use Site Builder

Integrate the CMS with an easy-to-use builder. Since one should have a website alongside web hosting services, ensure the samples on the c-panel are easily customizable. In case of any uploads, they should easily integrate to create a seamless online journey for businesses, brands, and personalities.

Server-Level Protection

If there is a cyber-attack on one website, server-level protection ensures it doesn’t spread to other platforms. It also makes security protocols easier to manage, damage control faster to handle, and stop the attack from spreading. Server-level protection ensures that every c-panel works like a pocket where whatever goes in or out cannot spread to other pockets.

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