10 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business

The contemporary corporate space has shifted to digital marketing to tap into the ever-growing online market. It is not only effective but also infinite, thanks to the growing digital space. One could approach digital marketing in several ways as long as they get the results they need. With digital marketing, you can custom-make your advert to target a specific consumer base. The feedback is instant, measurable and factual since you get direct access to the final consumer.  

Digital Marketing Strategies that Can Boost Your Business

  1. Competitor Research
  2. Understand your customers
  3. Create a clear value proposition
  4. Utilise Google as a Marketing Platform
  5. Create a responsive website
  6. Content is King
  7. Utilise SEO and other website ranking activities
  8. Capitalise on social media traffic
  9. Try email marketing
  10. Consider using influencer marketing

Competitor Research

When delving into a new concept or market, you should research competitors to see what they are doing. If they have been in the industry for some time and have considerable influence, note down what they do best. The goal is to use the information you have to mount a spirited campaign within the market. Go through their online platform to understand what makes them significant in the sector or market.  

Understand Your Customers

When developing a route-to-market strategy, put your customer at the centre of your plan. Note how they react, talk and even comment on the product. The idea is to create a campaign that will fill most of the gaps in the market. Understanding consumer behaviour is the most important aspect of creating a route-to-market concept.  

Create a Clear Value Proposition

Visibility is a marketing function that prompts marketers to give out all the necessary information. Pricing and value proposition form an integral part of a product as it shines some light on what the customer gets. Besides the product price, share the benefits and importance of the product for the customer to get their value for money.  

Utilise Google as A Marketing Platform

Google is undoubtedly the biggest digital marketing platform in the world. Most companies use Google’s resources to create product and service visibility. The following are some useful platforms available on Google that support digital marketing.
  • Google My Business – geographically pinpointing your business.
  • Search Console – essential in content positioning
  • Google Analytics – analysing the impact created by your website
  • Google AdWords – responsible for online advertising

Create a Responsive Website 

Websites are the centre of attraction for all digital marketing activities. They contain customised information for the business and work as the backstop for all your marketing information. Select a website theme that is SEO-friendly, easy to navigate and has valuable content. Get the best web hosting company in Kenya with the best reload speed and guaranteed uptime.  

Content Is King

You can never go wrong with content as long as it is high quality, timely and frequent. It is a significant factor that search engines look out for when ranking websites. Write informative, unique, factual articles for your pages, and Google will single out your website as an authority in the market.  

Utilise SEO and Other Website Ranking Activities

Understand keywords and their positioning to influence online search behaviours. SEO has several tenets that have to be fulfilled to improve website visibility. Top of the list is content length (above 750 words), keyword and HTML placement. The content should be unique, resourceful and of high quality. Consider using an SEO research platform to test compliance and website health; the better the performance, the higher the ranking.  

Capitalise On Social Media Traffic

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the biggest social media platforms with a considerable following online. Creating an account and posting content links or audio-visual to these accounts significantly boost customer reach. To get more numbers, a website page promoting engraves the product or service to people outside the immediate circle. The world is slowly turning online for information, and digital marketing is the way to go.  

Try Email Marketing

Every person, business or organisation has a work or personal email. The importance attached to emails makes it a prime channel to deliver information. However, its conversion may be lower than other marketing strategies, but it gets the information to the target person. To get a substantive figure, send as many emails as possible.  

Consider Using Influencer Marketing

Influencers are the main marketing channels in contemporary marketing. Clients buy into their following since every influencer attracts their kind. The message reaches home in time and in a way they understand. Influencer marketing is the way to go if you want results within a given time, especially when selling commodities.

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