Our Gateway to the Web: The Complete Guide to Domain Registration in Kenya

More companies are taking their business to the web, thanks to the simplification of domain registration in Kenya. Internet penetration is rapidly growing with the launch of 5G Internet for Safaricom and Airtel. We hope to see more e-commerce shops and increased digital marketing activities. This article offers guidance on the domain registration process in Kenya and how anyone can do it in the comfort of their home. It also gives a tech lesson on digital marketing platforms and how they grow business penetration in Kenya.  

Guide on Domain Registration in Kenya

  • Settle on a good domain registration company in Kenya
  • Research on the ideal Name
  • Move it to the e-cart
  • Pay for the domain name
  • Ask for the DNS from your web host
  • Use the DNS on your web host
  • Create a website
  • Your domain name is active

Settle On a Good Domain Registration Company in Kenya

A good domain registrar is the first place to start. There are several domain registration companies in Kenya listed on KeNIC to settle for as your ideal choice. You should consider the following factors when searching for a domain registrar in Kenya.
  • Price – settle on a domain registrar with the best price.
  • Complementary features – the registrar should have other related features such as web and email hosting services
  • Customer service – being an automated service, a good domain registration in Kenya Company should attend to their clients promptly. It improves conversion rate as clients trust the brand.

Research on the Ideal Name

There are several names one can settle on as a brand name. Use the following as a guide.
  • Company name – use the company name as the ideal domain name. Settle on a unique name when setting up the company since most companies use their names as product names.
  • Specific brands – companies with several brands might opt to use product names as domain names to push their market penetration. FMCG companies form the largest group opting for this approach.
Paste your preferred Name on the search button. If it is available, the system will show you. If not, it can give you several variations of the same word order to choose from. Top-level domain (TLD) options (, .com, .net, .org…) will also form part of the options available.


Move It to the E-Cart 

Just like an online store, once you are satisfied with your choice, clicking on it moves it to the e-cart. The registrar’s system will prompt you to create an account, and your details will be used to identify the domain owner.  

Pay for the Domain Name

Most domain registration companies in Kenya have an STK push for mobile payment. Once you key in your primary mobile number, it automatically sends the payment text to your phone, where you key in your password to okay the payment. Once the process is done, the domain name is registered into your account and will be managed by the registrar.  

Ask For the Name Servers (NS) details from Your Web Hosting Service Provider.

Now that you have a domain name, the next step is hosting it. Most registrars have web hosting services making the service end-to-end. However, if you have another hosting, request for the NS, which you will key on your domain registrar to point the domain to that server.   If you do not have a web hosting service provider, use the following criteria to settle on one
  • Uptime speed – it guarantees you how stable their servers are. Do not settle for anything below 99%.
  • Customer service – how responsive and competent they are assures you of a good relationship.
  • Server space – most websites do not take up over 1GB. Anything above 1 GB is welcome.
  • Price – based on the features given, is the price worth it?


Use the Name Servers details on Your Web Host.

Once the settings are in place, your domain name is semi-active online. All you need is a website theme, and you are ready to go.


Create a Website

At the web hosting cPanel, purchase a theme which you can remodel to suit your preference. Ensure you do digital marketing extensively to gear your website to the web and improve visibility. Once someone looks for your domain online, they will find your website represented by your theme.

Your Domain Name Is Active

Use digital marketing best practices to improve website visibility. You can outsource the service to competent agencies you can manage the whole experience. Enjoy the service.

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