The Advantages of Green Web Hosting in Kenya

Green web hosting is a sustainable web hosting service that is environmentally friendly through activities that minimise carbon footprints. The process uses renewable energy to power web hosting services, which doesn’t emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. It is part of the conservation goal being championed by UNEP as a score to manage the adverse effects of climate change.  

Green Web Hosting Certification

  1. Carbon Offsets Certificate – most web host servers still use installation powered by carbon emitters. The host countries set the limits for carbon emission, and if the company beats the mark, they get the Carbon Offsets Certificate for compliance.
  2. Renewable Energy Certificates – it is the amount of electricity produced and returned to the grid. The certificate proves that 1 megawatt is produced per hour from a renewable source of energy and channelled back to the grid. It confirms that a renewable energy provider replaces the energy used to power a web hosting service.

Advantages of Green Web Hosting

  • Reducing the carbon footprint
  • Grows the demand for renewable energy
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Appeals to the Sustainability Enthusiasts
  • Attract Funding from Conservation Champions
  • Optimal Use of Resources

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Switching to green web hosting reduces the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere. Classic web hosting process involves combustions that keep the server up, a process that emits carbon into the atmosphere. Green web hosting uses renewable energy sources with little or no emissions, which is ideal in the current world. With such a resume, it makes your business attractive and improves your brand image.   The world is currently grappling with the effects of climate change and global warming. Any additional carbon into the atmosphere will significantly affect livelihoods. Internet usage is on a sharp rise, meaning we will end up with an unpleasant environment if it is not handled. Green web hosting is the way to go and the future of environmental conservation and sustainability.  

Grows the Demand for Renewable Energy

Demand for a product or service increases the propensity to produce. The world is out for renewable energy sources, with web hosting leading the pack. As more people and businesses join in, there is a need to create more renewable energy to meet the ever-rising demand. It is a plus since more and more people are embracing renewable energy as an alternative to non-renewable.   Wind and sunshine are the commonly used sources, especially within the tropics. They are readily available, predictable and guaranteed. It is a welcome discussion in Kenya, with more web hosting services adopting this technology to measure up to the world’s directives. Being part of a revolution makes the sector a pioneer in advancing sustainability in the long run.  

Cost Effectiveness 

The more raw materials and human resources used to run a server, the more expensive it becomes. However, with renewable energy, you set up, and nature helps run the plant. All you need is regular maintenance and servicing, and you are good to go. Wind and sun are naturally found; therefore, the energy produced doesn’t require daily operational costs. If done on a large scale, you enjoy economies of scale, further enhancing cost-effectiveness.  

Appeals to the Sustainability Enthusiasts

The world’s rallying call is on environmental sustainability. For the last half a century, man’s activities have greatly changed the ecological balance. UNEP and other environmental-leaning organisations are sensitising the public to embrace sustainability to create a better future. We are not only creating a good environment for the future generation but also roping in everyone.  

Attract Funding from Conservation Champions 

Most organisations provide resources – capital and workforce – to encourage innovation in this field. If done on a large scale, starting with services that require more energy to maintain, we are heading to a more sustainable future. It has led to a sharp rise in organisations that teach and promote eco-friendly practices. Organisations such as NatGeo and WWF are some of the many organisations that fund environmental conservation activities.  

Optimal Use of Resources 

Another important fact about green hosting is the prudent use of resources. The energy produced to run these servers can be calculated, which brings forth the cost per acquisition calculations. Moreover, most raw materials are naturally found when creating energy to power these hosting plants. Since there are no waste emissions, no additional resources are used to purify the environment. Ideally, the renewable energy used to power green web hosting services utilises every resource allocated to the core.

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