WordPress hosting in Kenya is popular among website owners, thanks to its easy-to-use features. Anyone can create a website, even when they do not have coding or programming knowledge. Be it a simple blog page or a complex e-commerce platform, you will surely get a head start with WordPress. We delve deep into WordPress hosting in Kenya, its benefits and why contemporary website owners prefer WordPress to other hosting tools.


Benefits of WordPress Hosting

  • User-Friendly and Easy-to-Use Platform – One-Click Install
  • SEO Friendly
  • Better Website Performance
  • Easy SSL Integration
  • Scalability
  • Pocket Friendly


User-Friendly and Easy-to-Use Platform – One-Click Install

Most website owners are not tech-savvy but can follow instructions. WordPress hosting does the coding and programming work and provides a ready website. All they have to do is install, edit and customise it to suit your taste.


WordPress hosting gives access to the editable part while hiding the technical aspect to avoid code distortion. This makes it easy to control what the rookie editor does and enhances the website’s appearance. Website customisation is reduced to basic colours and words, while the structure is left to experienced programmers.


It also has installation instructions and other guidelines for managing the website. The ease and user-friendliness make WordPress hosting the most popular tool in website development.


SEO Friendly

The coding language on WordPress is friendly to SEO activities. WordPress has clean HTML codes, making it easy for search engine crawlers to review all files. They are W3C compliant, which enables page rankings, an element crucial for page growth and development.


If you optimise all SEO features – Meta data, URL, keywords and page title – WordPress will index your website pages on search engines. WordPress is your go-to platform for website owners who rely on the internet for their operations.


Better Website Performance

Since most websites today are from WordPress, you are guaranteed better and more efficient hosting. The platform is made to synchronise with WordPress sites, giving you a better uptime speed, faster loading and lesser technical hiccups. More importantly, you get optimised servers that align with WordPress’s plugins and themes.


Server security and performance give the best website performance compared to other web hosting service providers. WordPress has a reliable infrastructure and expertise to help solve any issues. It also has performance enhancements such as the CD, several server locations worldwide and host scaling technology. They also have working partnerships powered by industry-known giants such as Google Cloud Platform.



Easy SSL Integration

Online security is a key factor in website management, and its integration process must be effective. However, web hosting companies have a complex SSL integration process involving back-and-forth conversations between the hosting and certificate provider. With a WordPress hosting service provider, the integration process is a few clicks. The process is simple due to the working partnership between WordPress and Let’s Encrypt.


The security certificate is free as part of the partnership between managed web hosting companies and SSL certificate providers. However, if your website is high-risk, WordPress hosting can easily facilitate purchasing and managing an advanced SSL certificate like EV or WildCard. Its integration, activation and usage are simple.



Since every aspect of WordPress hosting is automated and easily harmonised, businesses can use it as a basis for growth. Whatever works on one end can be replicated in another market if they factor in prevailing market conditions. It perfectly works for businesses that rely on internet traffic to attract, convert and close customers.


Even if you want to create several websites, WordPress hosting gives you a head start in web development and management. WordPress has several website theme examples, making your work easy. In business, whatever works should be replicated to benefit from the economies of scale.


Pocket Friendly

There are free web themes on WordPress that you can customise to your taste. You don’t need to purchase a theme if you have a blog website. You can choose from several examples listed, customise them, and publish your content. There are also other technical and sophisticated themes which you have to pay to access. However, their cost is affordable compared to other web hosting platforms.


Cost is a huge factor, especially for small businesses. Therefore, businesses rely immensely on WordPress to chaperone their online engagement. WordPress also has add-ons to help monitor and aggregate traffic when the business grows.


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