The Cost of Web Hosting in Kenya: Understanding Your Options

The cost of web hosting in Kenya varies based on several factors. Infrastructure cost brings the biggest difference as it varies among service providers. Other cost considerations include operational costs, taxation and administrative cost. However, the web host cost should not be the final reason you consider before paying for the service. Its features and conformity to your needs should guide your purchase. We will discuss what you should look out for when considering the web hosting cost in Kenya.

Factors to Consider When Evaluating the Cost of Web Hosting in Kenya

  • Disk Space
  • Bandwidth
  • Security
  • Back-up
  • Customer Support
  • Performance

Disk Space 

Each web hosting company in Kenya has a bouquet with specific disk space. It is the server space allocated to the bouquet and cannot exceed that quota. If the customer exceeds, they have to pay extra for that space.   Most web hosting companies in Kenya have an average of 5GB per bouquet, which is reasonable. However, what should also concern you is the number of domain spots allocated. For 2GB, you should have at most 1 primary domain and another ad-on. Anything more than that is straining the disc space, especially if the websites are bulky. Choose the web hosting service provider with enough disk space.  


It is the amount of data that can be transferred from a server to a user. The number of times customers visit your site multiplied by the file size accessed (image or content) gives you bandwidth usage. Most web hosting companies have a bandwidth capacity of above 100GB. The bandwidth is shared regardless of the number of websites on the bouquet.   If your website is high traffic, consider getting a web hosting company in Kenya with a bigger bandwidth. It should be big enough to accommodate all users accessing the site, or you should have fewer websites to tone down usage per second.  


Online security is important for all online platforms. SSL is the commonly used security protocol on most web hosting service providers. Most are included in the web hosting price, while others are acquired separately. Consider settling for a service provider with an all-inclusive security feature to avoid inconveniences. It should also have an automated SSL activator for all your website links to prevent unwarranted access. Irrespective of the service’s cost, do not compromise on web security.  


Anything can happen during website management, and you need a plan to return your website. Online back-up is important as it guarantees continuity in case of a cyber-attack or a theme failure. It is a relatively new concept in Kenya, especially on the time it takes to auto-backup. Settle on a web hosting service in Kenya that offers consistent back-up, especially daily.   As a website owner, it is also good to have an offline back-up plan in case of website failure. If the web hosting has provision for offline back-up, the better. However, regular back-ups are important and surpass the actual cost of web hosting services in Kenya.  

Customer Support

Website development and management are not universal knowledge for everyone. You need consistent customer support, especially if the issues are beyond your control. All things have to align for your website to work properly. Your web host customer service should be ready to help if something happens. Most businesses lose customers because of how they treat them or how long they take to solve an issue. Since there are several web hosting companies in Kenya, customers can easily move to the next service provider if they feel your customer relationship approach does not address their problems.  


How the web hosting features jell to give website management a smooth service is also a concern. How reliable it is, processing speed and uptime guarantee are reasons why the cost of web hosting can vary. It is primarily a software issue, which explains why we need to be vigilant when sourcing for the cost of web hosting services.   The Uptime guarantee should not go below 99% as it determines how easy it is to access the site. Since websites are on 24/7, you should guarantee that anyone can visit the website and access its content.   Consider the above factors and get the average cost per acquisition for each feature. The lowest price with all the features combined should be your ideal cost of web hosting in Kenya.

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