World Environment Day 2023 Celebrations

World Environment Day 2023 is a global celebration of environmental conservation and protection. It is held annually on 5th June, and this year’s theme was #BeatPlasticPolution. The hosts for the 2023 fete were Cote d”Ivoire and the Netherlands, although every country held their celebration. UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme) leads the day with thematic words and tree-planting sessions. With climate change and global warming beckoning, we have our work cut out in environment management.  

Global Plastic Menace

Plastic materials are scattered in every corner of the world, with over 400 million tonnes of plastic produced yearly. Almost half of these plastic materials can only be used once, leading to a disposal nightmare. A little over 10% of the plastics designed to be used once are recycled, with the remaining finding their way to the lake, rivers and other water bodies. Up to 23 million tonnes of plastic waste choke our environment, causing blockages and carbon emissions when burned. Such activities devastate our planet, hence the need to rally the world on environmental conservation.’s Commitment to Environmental Conservation and Sustainability is a web-hosting company in Kenya committed to sustainability projects and environmental awareness. Our founder is a trained environmental scientist who uses sustainability approaches to manage information technology exploits. advocates for using sustainable materials in creating web hosting services, a fete that steers our service provision. We strive to be the best web hosting company in Kenya, committed to environmental conservation and sustainability. Our sustainability programs give prominence to the following issues:

Environmental Education

People abuse the environment due to lack of knowledge. There are lots of research materials on environmental conservation which need simplification. Experts within the profession need to decode them for easy implementation. Garbage collection and tree planting might seem simple, but they carry much weight in environmental management.   Our focus is to simplify this knowledge, create actionable plans and share the importance of such actions. We do this by holding exhibitions and informative sessions with students in schools, environmental enthusiasts and organisations interested in environmental conservation. We hope that the knowledge we impact on our students will shape ecological conservation.


Tree planting is our biggest effort to help conserve the environment. It is an all-around activity that helps purify the environment, contribute to climate patterns and enhance the growth of organic matter. The forest cover in Kenya has been reducing consistently over the last 2 decades, which requires agent attention. Our afforestation drive aims to increase tree coverage everywhere in Kenya, as per the directive issued by President William Ruto. For every activity we do, the highlight of the session is tree planting. We use it as a yardstick to gauge our dedication to afforestation, a clarion call takes seriously.  

The World Environmental Day 2023 joined the Environmental Club at Ofafa Jericho High School in commemorating this year’s celebrations. The event happened at the school compound and witnessed the following activities. 1. Tree planting – all the participants in the school planted a tree to commemorate the day. Our Founder, Wilfred Musembi, graced the occasion, sharing the importance of tree planting with the staff and students in attendance. The club patron also weighed in, demonstrating the importance of tree planting and general afforestation.   2. Garbage Collection – plastics form a significant part of total garbage in any environment. The students, teachers and guests participated in garbage collection around the school. It not only made the environment clean but also demonstrated the need for a clean environment. After the exercise, garbage was sorted for disposal, which fit this year’s World Environment Day theme.   3. Environmental Education – besides the practical demonstrations, facilitated some environmental conservation shows. They were informative, engaging and collectively showed the importance of a clean environment. Technical audio-visual demonstrations showed the cumulative effects of pollution, especially on non-biodegradable products. It served as a deterrence of environmental pollution, especially on plastics.  

Other Notable World Environmental Day 2023 Activities in Kenya

The national celebrations were held in Nakuru National Park, organised by the National Environmental Management Authority. It extensively discussed the solutions to plastic pollution and how human interactions made it a menace. Hon Soipan Tuya, Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Forestry, graced the occasion, reiterating the government’s commitment to climate change and tree planting. The host governor, H.E. Susan Kihika, was also present. She outlined her contributions to environmental conservation and waste management.

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