Content Marketing: Creating Valuable Content for Your Audience

Content marketing is the new search-and-find approach marketers employ to steer customers to their platforms. It does not directly promote the product or service but creates awareness and engagement. Website owners use relevant articles, podcasts and videos to expound more on the subject, which generates interest in the subject matter. Anyone intending to grow their website visibility online organically must invest in content marketing.  

Build-up Elements in Content Marketing 

  1. Keywords – the platform should have definitive keywords. They should be well-researched and should measure up to the market demands. In most cases, keywords are services, brand names or activities.
  2. Word Length – search engines like Google and Yahoo index content based on proficiency, uniqueness and subject matter. All this can be well documented in a fairly long article. Good content should have at least 750 words.
  3. Quality – how you write your article contributes to how well it ranks online. Quality content should be simple to understand and written in simple English. Also, the sentence structure should not exceed 2 statements, which caps the words per sentence to less than 20.
  4. Consistency – submit new articles consistently to build a credible content base. It shows a good command of the subject matter and makes the website a good source of information in that sphere. Such parameters grow the website’s ranking on search engines.
  5. Interlinks – as you grow the number and quality of articles, link such articles to others within the website or on other complementary websites. It creates a web of credible information on the subject matter, consistently growing the website or page ranking.

Factors to Consider in Developing Evergreen Content for Marketing

  • Target Audience
  • Authenticity
  • Topic
  • Use of Relevant Infographics
  • Grammar

Target Audience 

Whenever you write any article, keep in mind the consumer. Put yourself in their shoes and write an article on how best the content can improve their lives. It can be a general topic with objective pointers, but clearly spell out the most important points.   Studies have shown that most people who search for a topic, product or idea online only read part of the article. Since there is lots of information to sift from, ensure your article stands out. The idea is to get your article to the top of the list so that the customer can see it first.  


Google has a self-checking mechanism to value content. Increased machine learning and artificial intelligence usage have simplified content development, creating doubt among genuine information consumers. Good content is personal; sharing actual occurrences and experiences which cannot be articulated in an AI-generated text. Google can demote your website if they sense machine-generated content.  

Topic of Discussion

Understanding what you write, its structure and prose is an added advantage in content marketing. Search engines love content marketers who understand their craft. Ensure you cover all possible corners of the discussion topic, giving several analogies. Keyword concentration, sentence build-up and chronology are the build-up elements in good content.   Above all, do not post copied text, even if you originally wrote and posted it elsewhere. It amounts to plagiarism, which may lead to page strikes by search engines. The article should be to the point, expound on the topic and have a clear order.  

Use of Relevant Infographics

Readability in articles is visual; how well you exhibit your content. Customers do not like reading prose statements. Break them down into sizable paragraphs, and most importantly, use infographics. Pictorials summarise information, creating visual representations which are easy to understand. Use graphs, process visuals and linear presentation to simplify the article. You will get more traffic to your website, leading to more conversions in the long run.  


Your choice of language is important as it determines the duration the visitor stays on your page. Good sentences are easy to read, simple to understand and do not exceed 20 words. Big words make readability difficult, which reduces the customer’s attention span. Google and other search engines can easily comprehend and list it among preferred articles. This is how a website grows in ranking consistently.  

Get a Good Web Hosting Company

All this can only be possible if you have a good web hosting service provider. Website speed and conversion rate are directly affected by web hosting. Look for the uptime guarantee, SSD and website security as the key features when sourcing for a good web hosting company in Kenya. These features are also important during website ranking since the attention span for website loading determines the turnover effect in content marketing.

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