For the last 10 years, web hosting in Kenya has grown tremendously, incorporating technology and modern trends in the digital economy. We are looking at a more tech-savvy future, with recent revelations ushering in a more robust approach. The bottom line is that web hosting in Kenya is set for tremendous growth in the next decade. We will look at all possible features characterising future web hosting services in Kenya.


What the Future Entails in Web Hosting Services in Kenya

  • Price Wars
  • Increased Activity in Digital Marketing
  • The Rise of Cloud Hosting
  • Sustainable/Green Web Hosting
  • Improved Website Security
  • Consolidating Web Service Activities
  • Simplifying Website Development

Price Wars

Companies become creative and search for ways to offer services at a lower cost. In nominal terms, cost is a factor of production, meaning that the less you produce, the lower the selling price. Customers buy into a competitive price for a quality service or product.


With the recent development in technology and innovation, the cost of production is significantly lowering. Consumers will witness price wars among web hosting companies in Kenya, eventually reducing the shelf price of web hosting products.

Increased Activity in Digital Marketing

Tides have changed in marketing and public relations. People rely on cyberspace for marketing since its reach is vast, timeless and efficient. There has been a deliberate shift to harness the power of digital marketing. With this, every aspect of digital marketing is growing significantly, first as a way of complementing below-the-line marketing, but eventually taking over the craft.


Digital marketing combines SEO, graphic design, marketing strategy, online advertising and customer relationship. Since web hosting is at the heart of online engagements, brands, companies, and individuals will join the revolution. Essentially, digital marketing is the new go-to-market strategy.


The Rise of Cloud Hosting

Over-reliance on the internet has seen a tremendous rise in cloud computing. People can handle tasks online from home, a fete that solves many clerical issues. What’s more important is the scale-up mechanism and flexibility it brings. Shoppers can now buy online, make payments and monitor deliveries online.


The beauty of cloud computing is sharing resources like storage which delocalises information security. In case of any physical damage, you can easily reclaim your data and restore your operations.


Sustainable/Green Web Hosting

Climate change and environmental safety are big in the contemporary world. Any activity that doesn’t pollute the environment is a welcome idea, especially if too many people depend on it for survival.


Most web hosting companies in Kenya practice sustainable web hosting, which aligns with global warming recommendations on environmental sustainability. Therefore, the world is working towards creating servers that do not produce fossil fuel to power our online activity.


Improved Website Security

The world is becoming more sophisticated every day. With improved performance comes improved security. Security firewalls and boundaries are created alongside the improved infrastructure to make web hosting a viable business. Tech companies are working on creating robust security protocols for their hosting, which will replicate in web hosting companies in Kenya.


In recent times, SSL creators have been working on strengthening their security protocols, which power a significant number of websites in Kenya. Users are guaranteed secure platforms when they do business online.


Consolidating Web Service Activities

A decade ago, website development and management were split into different activities based on expertise. It increased the cumulative price of creating and managing a website. However, with companies making a one-stop-shop product for digital services, it is cheaper to manage an online platform.


With the overall price of web hosting in Kenya reducing over time, the general web hosting cost is set to come down. You can now find website development, integration, SEO and platform management in a single product. Some even have a social media package, making it end-to-end website management.


Simplifying Website Development

The rise of AI has made everything simpler and easier to handle. Website designers are now transitioning into other lucrative products within the digital economy. Theme builders and code developers are simplifying website development, making it a do-it-yourself exercise. Generally, with as low as KES 25,000 in Kenya, you can own a fully functional website in Kenya. In years to come, the price of owning and managing a website will come down, all thanks to a robust online strategy that makes website owning simple. It all starts with competitively priced web hosting in Kenya.

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