Bandwidth and disk space are important terms in web hosting in Kenya. They determine website performance, which makes it essential for website owners to understand them. Although they look technical and far-reaching, this article simplifies what these 2 terms mean and their significance to web hosting. It also explains why you should consider these two terms as key parameters when sourcing for a web hosting company in Kenya.


What Is Bandwidth?

It is the amount of data transmitted over a given time through a network. Bandwidth in web hosting is essential as it determines the amount of data website visitors can access over a given period, mostly a month. It combines videos, images and other files stored on the web hosting.


If your website receives many visitors, you need a large bandwidth to accommodate the traffic. The web hosting service provider can give you some bonus bandwidth after the allocated one elapses. Consider bandwidth as a pipe; a wider pipe allows water to pass through faster than a thinner one. In this case, water is the data, and once it dries up, you have to get more to continue flowing.


Web hosting companies in Kenya measure bandwidth in gigabytes, billed based on the type of hosting plan. The bigger the hosting plan, the bigger the bandwidth, although some have a uniform one. If you exhaust the allocated bandwidth, the web hosting service provider will suspend the service until you pay for the extra bandwidth at the end of the month.


What is Disk Space?

It is the storage space available on the web hosting package used to store all the website files. Every file available online on your website must be stored on the disk space; videos, images, HTML files, scripts and any other files displayed on the website. It is measured in gigabytes and allocated based on the hosting package. Basic packages hold up to 3GB of disk space, while the biggest package can have up to 30 GB.


If you exceed the storage space on your package, the system will either slow down on stall until you purchase additional disk space. Think of disk space as the tank that allows in water. When it gets full, water will overflow, forcing you to get an additional tank to store the excess water.

What is the Relationship Between Bandwidth and Disk Space?

Bringing these 2 elements together, there is a close semblance. Both factor data as the converging element – bandwidth as the amount passing through a system, while disc space as the amount stored. A website cannot function without the two as it will lose its tracking parameters. Web hosting companies use these 2 parameters to metre hosting packages based on the prevailing market demand. Any excess request is charged separately based on the need.


Therefore, if your website has images and videos, you require more disk space to store these files and more bandwidth to facilitate access to the website files to the reader.


Factors to Consider when Deciding the Bandwidth for Your Website

Website Content

Websites with too many files, especially audio-visual, require a lot of disk space and bandwidth. It ensures that people visiting the website can easily access the information at a better speed and all data showing. For blog websites, the available bandwidth in the market is enough.


Website Functionality

There are 2 main types of websites based on functionality; complex and simple. Complex websites like e-commerce need a lot of bandwidth since so many people visit in a month. Every link clicked, or page opened is bandwidth lost, which makes it necessary to have a bigger bandwidth. Ideally, they also have audio-visual files, which take up space.


On the other hand, simple websites like personal blogs do not need too much disk space or bandwidth. Blog files do not take up too much disk space, nor does a blog page interconnect with too many files. A simple web hosting package is enough.


Website Traffic

The more visitors your website attracts also affects the bandwidth required per month. If it is high traffic, you need more bandwidth to allow more visitors to visit your website. Depending on the files making up the webpage, the disk space varies. However, most high-traffic websites are complex, making buying more disk space and bandwidth sensible, regardless of the situation.


How to Monitor Bandwidth and Disc Space

You can monitor disk space and bandwidth usage on the website control panel. There are parameters to alert you of low disk space, preparing you to purchase additional space. To be sure of the amount you need, keep an eye on the dick and bandwidth control panel.

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