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Web Hosting in Kenya FAQs

It is a service that stores and manages online data, which can be used for different purposes on online platforms such as mobile applications and websites. For a seamless online experience, choose the best web hosting in Kenya service provider. 

A domain name is a unique brand or business identifier, which one has to reserve with a registrar. They can then use it as their online identity, showcasing their goods and services online. Once you reserve and register it, no one can ever use it until you release it.

Look at their package; what it has and its quantity. It is purely judged based on the value for money and how well its features work. If you are new to the industry, read customer reviews and how they perceive the products. Most importantly, how they respond and how long they take is also an important factor.

Every feature on a web hosting package is important. However, uptime, customer service, storage technology and security are very important. They constitute the nerve centre of any online platform. Other features to check are cost per acquisition, backups and periodic offers. 

First, ensure that the business is duly registered by KeNIC and is recognised by the Communication Authority in Kenya. The price should be competitive to win you over. Most importantly, get a domain name registration service from a company that also has web hosting services. It localises all website development, making the whole process, cheaper, faster and with less bureaucracy. 

We guarantee fast website loading speeds, our prices are competitive and you get the best customer service. Our web hosting technology is the latest, putting you on par with world hosting service providers.

Yes. We hold valid certification from KeNIC and Communications Authority in Kenya for domain name registration in Kenya. 

Yes. New customers get a free domain name when they buy our web hosting services for a year. Secondly, IT specialists who manage clients’ websites also have an offer. If they move their clients to HostJaer, they get a free special web hosting package. 

It enables search engine crawlers to index your website, making your website rank higher. Customers can also interact well and faster with the website, which can increase conversion rates. 

Yes. We have a secure SSL protocol which protects against any data loss. Our system is also DDoS-protected against any form of cyber-attacks. 

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