Earn Up to KES 1,000 for Every Sign-Up Referred

Our Strengths is rewarding its customers and partners for every web hosting in Kenya referral. It is a structured partnership that aims at rewarding people who support the business. is a web hosting service provider in Kenya with top-of-the-range hosting packages. We also offer domain registration services. Essentially, we are your first point of call on your digital journey.

We have a robust affiliate program that seeks to reward referrals for our web hosting service. Each of the 3 packages has a defined affiliate cost, as illustrated in the table below.

As a marketer, you need to sign up on and get a unique link. Share the link with your network, and for every sign-up and subscription made, you get an affiliate fee depending on the package your referral settled on.

The link works in real-time and records every activity. It documents all link clicks, sign-ups and purchases of the web hosting package. If you have more sign-ups, you stand a chance of walking away with a good sum in affiliate payouts. The following table shows how much you will earn if you refer web hosting services to your network. Package
Affiliate Take-home
KES 500
KES 750
KES 1,000

How to Get Into the Affiliate Marketing Program

  1. Go to home page and sign up. We do NOT charge for registration.
  2. The website has an affiliate menu. Click on it and activate your affiliate marketing link. That is your unique code that will record every activity on your affiliate marketing portal.
  3. Share the link to your networks via social media and other platforms. If you have a website, share the link using our banner.
  4. For every click, sign-up and hosting service purchased, you will see the data from your affiliate portal. It will also record the amount you stand to get from the referrals.
  5. You can request the funds by clicking on “Request Withdrawal” on the portal. HostJaer will send the money to your MPESA account after 30 days.

The Reasoning Behind Affiliate Marketing 

Passive Income wants to reward you for patronizing our business. If you bring a quality lead who subscribes to our service, we will give you a percentage of their subscription as a commission. With this model, you can earn up to KES 30,000 per month if you refer at least 1 quality lead per day.

Quality Leads

To avoid fraudulent sign-ups, we have to wait for 30 days after signup. After this time, the signee is not eligible for a refund. It is only after that that we give out the commission. We encourage our affiliate marketers to source quality leads.

When requesting the commission, do so on a Thursday so that we can facilitate payments on Friday.

If you can prove that a customer has registered using your link and you didn’t get the notification, call us after 3 days and we will look into the issue and resolve it accordingly.

However, you cannot refer yourself since you must have an account to participate in the exercise. If HostJaer notes any irregularity in signups, you will not get the commission.

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