Free web hosting in Kenya is getting an online storage space for your website without paying any money. The free offer sounds too good to be true, although it serves the purpose. Any web hosting company in Kenya with these free services has a catch, detailed under the terms and conditions of the offer. Most importantly, the free web hosting service is only available for 1 year, after which the customer must pay to continue enjoying the service.


Pro of Free Web Hosting in Kenya

  • No Charges
  • Ideal for new website owners
  • Good for those learning website set-up and management.


No Charges

Cost is the most visible advantage of free web hosting. You don’t have to pay to create and manage your website. For most people, free web hosting is convenient, especially if they are starting their online journey. The money they would have spent purchasing a domain and hosting space can be used on other important business activities.


Although other web hosting service providers do not require money upfront, they require a form of security for their service. The offer mostly runs for 1 year, after which you can pay. For customers who need a boost when starting, free web hosting in Kenya is a game changer.


Ideal for New Website Owners

New website owners who need experience or web hosting exposure find such an offer attractive. They cannot quantify the importance and impact of having a website and its intrinsic value to their brand. Giving them a free domain and hosting opens their eyes to how necessary web hosting is. After the trial period elapses, they can commit to paying for the service afterwards.


Understanding website development, web hosting and the whole idea of digital marketing requires practical experience. Not everyone will pay to try something, especially if they don’t understand how it works. Free web hosting in Kenya is the perfect dry-run for such a customer.


Learning Website Set-Up and Management

Customers who know basic website development and management can benefit from free web hosting in Kenya. It provides a good training ground on how to host their website, edit the theme and effect any necessary changes on their platform. Free web hosting offers the trial ground for their exercises as it horns their skills in website management.


Although most free web hosting service providers do not give access to all web hosting features, the ones available provide good training for future website management.


Cons of Free Web Hosting in Kenya

  • Frequent adverts
  • Limited web hosting features
  • Limited disk space


Frequent Adverts

Most free web hosting service providers place advert banners on free websites. They appear on designated articles, pages or sections with high traffic to buy into the viewership. It is one of the ways they compensate for giving out free web hosting and, sometimes, free domain.


The adverts pop out anywhere on the website and in no particular succession, making them a nuisance. Readers might abandon the website if the adverts disrupt their reading. Essentially, free web hosting is not free, as it buys into your following for marketing gains. The money they get from these affiliate marketing activities is used to pay for the services you enjoy for free.


Limited Web Hosting Features

You cannot access premium features if you are on free mode. They are the most crucial features that can give you website autonomy. However, since free web hosting is conditional, the service provider cannot allow complete access to all the web hosting features. The available ones can manage the website, although the ultimate power and influence remain with the web hosting service provider.


Some features that free web hosting does not allow access include the DNS setting, access to website software script, SMPT email and one-click auto installer. You have to purchase the web hosting to access them.


Limited Disk Space and Bandwidth

Disk space and bandwidth are the most important features in web hosting. Your website visitors should view your content uninterruptedly. The customer should post as many images, files and videos as possible to pass their message. However, free web hosting has limited disk space for light files. Moreover, it only has small bandwidth for controlled website viewership.


The limited space and information viewership are meant to demonstrate how web hosting works before you buy any of the packages. In the long run, the target is purchasing the package to enjoy more bandwidth and disk space.

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